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Started by Bugster_MR2, November 16, 2023, 18:41

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Might have been posted earlier, but there is loads of good info on most Toyotas on this webpage:

2001 red with KW3, TRD rear brace, Zero race cat and MAF-mod.
2003 silver TTE Turbo, underbrace, sidescoops, style bar, front bumper, rear spoiler, interior garnish, exhaust


Thanks for sharing this, I did not know about it (although I'm sure someone will be along to point out it has been shared before). Spent a good few minutes reading some of the info on there. Interesting that the press pack continuously talks about the power to weight ratio, also that it was around £18k new - about £38k in today's money! Kind of makes the GR Yaris and GR86 look like great value.

The site also highlights the drop in power (though not directly) from the previous generation. What a difference 173 hp would have made if it even at least retained the power of the previous generation.

I also find the target market amusing: "young and single, and 'empty nesters'".

I knew the A pillars were meant to be strong but according to the site they are designed to be as strong as a saloon car.

And finally, the lack of rear boot to "reduce the number of bulkheads required", less overhang and less weight and "would also have compromised the near perfect weight distribution".

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Quote from: MrChris on November 16, 2023, 19:02What a difference 173 hp would have made if it even at least retained the power of the previous generation.

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Makes a new 2 in 2001 a shade over £32K in today's money.....a fair wad then.


Median annual wages for UK in 2001 was £19,000.

The MR2 costing around £18k was priced right.

Todays median salary in UK is £34k annual, so a £32k MR2 todays money would be a similar proposition.
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So would possibly still be 'unaffordable' when new then...even with PCP financing to make payments so 'small'.....given that circa 95% of new cars sold in UK are on PCP finance and nigh on 90% dont ever make their 3-5yr balloon payment to own their car.


Quote from: Daytona on December  1, 2023, 12:31So still basically 'unaffordable' when new then...given 95% of new cars in UK are on PCP and nigh on 90% dont ever make the 3-5yr balloon paymemt.

Well, " Look up" doesn't help too much with defining what PCP refers to. Pretty sure it's not Phencyclidine (Angel Dust) or Post Coital Pill nor any other of the references  Wikipedia and others offer!


Personal contract purchase



You're welcome.

That will be £342.57 for 3 years and £12,000 at the end.

Thank you.


Nobody paid full whack in those days mind you. People were paying around £16k at dealers. It was the period when you could parallel import from the EU and save quite a bit. I got one from Denmark for just over £13k. It had no stereo or alarm which were fitted locally in each market. Otherwise exactly as a UK car. Good times if you could be bothered with the process.