Engine modifications and performance gains for FI 1ZZ

Started by muffdan, November 25, 2009, 15:19

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To help better understand the tuning capabilities of the 1ZZ engine, it was decided that members of this forum would post there modifications and the net engine power gains that were achieved, so here goes:

Age of Car
2000 but not original engine

Miles completed
106k - 5k on current engine

Engine Mods
MWR built engine - 1.93l bore out
GT28RS Turbo
MWR Ported Head
Crower Stage II FI cams
Crower Connecting Rods
Wiseco Pistons 8.8:1 compression
Darton Sleeves
MWR valve set
MWR springs
ARP main/head stud kit
2ZZ water pump
Oil cooler + front mounted radiator
630cc injectors
Rising rate fuel pressure reguator
250l/h fuel pump

Induction Mods
Custom 3" intake through to turbo
MAP sensor
MAF (for temp readings) moved post charge cooler/pre throttle body
PWR 5x6 barrel charge cooler

Exhaust Mods
Custom 2.5" free flowing exhaust with quad exit tail pipes.

Engine Electronics
Link G4 Storm replacement ECU
Iridium spark plugs
Link Knock Block
Innovate AFR kit with Bosch sensor

Yes – Thor Racing


Low Boost  (15.5psi)
~293.0 BHP
261.8 Lb Ft at 3861 RPM
7000 rev limit

High Boost  (18.5psi)
~320.0 BHP
286.3 Lb Ft at 3870 RPM
7000 rev limit

Here is the final mapping results from Thor.

[size=80]\'00 Cape Green MR2 with Hard top, A/C & Leather - SP Turbo - 320bhp[/size]
[size=100]AEM - [/size][size=96]ARP - [/size][size=92]Crower - [/size][size=88]Cusco - [/si


Age of Car

Miles completed
Currently 33k, about 22K on install

Engine Mods
PPE turbo
Oil cooler + side vent mounted radiator
330cc injectors

Induction Mods
?? CAI
?? charge cooler
?? BOV

Exhaust Mods
SP exhaust with std cat

Engine Electronics
Copper (cold) spark plugs
Innovate AFR kit

Yes – Hypersports

Boost restricted to 5 psi
220.5 BHP.
No torque, but early map at 210 bhp showed 190 ft lbs

Here is the final mapping results from Hypersport.


EX: \'04 Sable + PE Turbo and many other things
NOW: MR2 on steroids - \'12 Merc SLK200 AMG125

Use Spydersearch if you are stuck for information. Please.
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Would it be possible to add the amount spent to get each car to where it is now? Just so that members can scope the possible range of improvements based on price.   s:D :D s:D


Quote from: "JudoKilli"Would it be possible to add the amount spent to get each car to where it is now? Just so that members can scope the possible range of improvements based on price.   s:D :D s:D

I'll pass on that one - between me and my chequebook. If anybody wants to though, feel free,

EX: \'04 Sable + PE Turbo and many other things
NOW: MR2 on steroids - \'12 Merc SLK200 AMG125

Use Spydersearch if you are stuck for information. Please.
Check my fuel consumption


Age of Car

Miles completed
Currently 20k, 20K on install

Engine Mods
SP turbo conversion (low power version)
420cc injectors
upgraded spark plugs

Induction Mods
Cone style induction

Exhaust Mods
Cobra twin exit exhaust

Engine Electronics
Unichip Q


Uprated clutch

201 BHP.
185 ft lbs torque

2003 Silver MR2 - Very Very Standard + Leccy Renault Zoe aka the battery mobile.
Ex Blue 04 MR2 - TTE Turbo\'d ~185bhp/200lbs/ft, Sports Clutch, Breast Plate, Lowered & half decent audio
Ex Silver 05 MR2 -  SP turbo conversion 227bhp, 205lbs/ft, with  cobra dual exit exhaust.


Age of car


Engine Mods
Stage 2 SP (GT28) Turbo
550cc injectors
Upgraded spark plugs
Moroso sump

Induction Mods
Custom air induction kit with cone filter
PWR 6X5 custom charge cooler with alloy radiator

Exhaust mods
Custom 21/2" exhaust exiting by number plate, no CAT at the moment

Engine electronics
Link Storm G4 ECU
Electronic boost control

Redline Tuning

Helix motorsport clutch

Currently showing 259.1 BHP
235 lb ft (approx)

EX 2000 MR2 Roadster,silver,grey/black leather trim,TTE rear bumper inserts,black-grey Momo steering wheel,17" Rota GT3 wheels,KYB struts and FK springs,TRD short shifter with brass shifter bushes,Matt Performance under body brace,Megan arms,Che ARBs,Pirhana discs and Yellow stuff pads,Custom stage 2 T28 SP Turbo,charge cooler system,Helix clutch,lightened flywheel,Moroso sump, custom exhaust and induction kit,550 cc injectors,Link storm G4 ECU with 260bhp&240 ft lbs.
2004 Red edition in Sable.


Re: Engine modifications and performance gains for FI 1ZZ

Age of car


Engine Mods
GT3076 turbo
630cc injectors
Upgraded spark plugs
2zz water pump
speed source engine mounts
wiseco 8:8:1 pistons
crower rods
MWR pulleys
custom fuel rail
aeromotive fuel regulator
walbro 255 fuel pump

Induction Mods

precision turbo intercooler

Exhaust mods
Custom 3" dynomax exhaust

Engine electronics
Apex power FC
greddy E01

Redliner9K (gustavo)

act stage 3 clutch
obx lsd

Currently showing 297whp
246 lb ft tq

last graph

best pass yet
01 MR-S 25psi 403whp 317TQ GT3076,best pass yet 11.8@121
06 civic Si full k24a2 238whp 192tq DD


Anyone got some recent info on this? How much boost can a 1zz take without any internals or head mods? Usual intake and exhaust freed up with forced induction of course.

I see Mike_V gets ~260bhp and ~235lb.ft on a stock motor but not sure what ratings that motor is tuned to. Seem like very large injectors being used also.

I'd like to get ~200whp which looks like 240bhp and more importantly I'd like a flat spread of ~200lb.ft torques. Is this reasonable and achievable on a budget?


RIPieces: Sable \'05 Roadster \'Red\' edition.
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SC build OR a 2AR-FXE swap (ref: Frankenstein Motorworks) OR Electric conversion
AND rebody with a fibreglass replica of Porsche 550 Spyder.


Thought I'd stick one of these up as there doesn't seem to be much recent info.

Age of Car

Miles completed

Engine Mods
Standard 1zz Block and Head.
TD04 15t Turbo from SAAB 93 Turbo
Oil cooler mounted in drivers side air duct
630cc injectors
Ebay Charge Cooler with 3" Induction piping
2.5" Downpipe straight into Malian sports cat and into TTE Exhaust
Running 10 psi on stock waste gate pressure

Engine Electronics
Apexi PFC
Self Mapped on the Road
Iridium spark plugs 1 setting colder


10 psi
233.0 Bhp

1zz turbo. Home built and home mapped.

Now 2zz turbo. Home built and home mapped

Build thread https://www.mr2roc.org/forum/index.php?topic=67004.0


No posts for a while, so I thought I'd throw mine on here :

Age of Car
2005 SMT

31k on car, 3k on build

Stock 1zz block and heads with 31k miles.
CC 3.9kg lightened flywheel
Exedy stage 2 clutch
Stew's special SMT fluid!
Stock fuel pump and regulator

Turbo Mods
Homebrew turbo system comprising :
Mamba GTX2860RS Billet BB .60 .64 Nissan SR20DET style with Stage 3 actuator. 6psi spring.
Malian turbo exh manifold, catless downpipe and single exit 2.5" system (all off the shelf).
HomeBrew w/a chargecooler - eBay radiator, bosch pump, eBay 5x8 barrel cooler. 12" Mishimoto fan.
440 DW Injectors.
MAC 3 port boost control solenoid.
Custom intake, breather system and cone filter.

AEM EMS4 with full closed loop O2 control, boost control, knock control. Twin boost settings.
MWR EMS4 SMT harness (extensively modified! ;-) )
AEM AFR Gauge with 4.9 Bosch WB.
Innovate Oil temp / Pressure gauge
AEM Boost Gauge.
Bosch AIT sensor. Factory MAF and AIT also retained for TCU shift calculation.

247 WHP at 6250, 261Lb Ft at 3300. >225lb ft 3-6.5k
11-13Psi dependent on RPM (high boost)
10Psi flat (low boost)
7400 RPM Redline.

Stock internals seem fine at 260Lb Ft. Map and cam advance optimised for torque whilst keeping injectors at/below 85% duty.

We did one run at 95% duty - 316BHP / 275 Lb Ft! Don't think it would have lasted long at that sort of output.

Mapping by Wayne at Chipwizards in Rossendale.