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Quote from: "jinxedkitten"You should call it the cookie monster - bright blue and a big grin.
+1 good call

The Other Stu

So as an update (keeps me sane).....

Bought 4 wheels which came with 2 good and 2 not so good Bridgestones. Have replaced the not so good.
Fitted the wheels.

Found rattle - was the cat heat shield. 2 new nuts and bolts.

2 new keys cut - await chips.

Named the car - now called Cookie Monster. Have ordered a couple of bits of tat for the car to reflect this   s:lol: :lol: s:lol:  

And the big one. Today, the car goes in for an MOT. When I replaced the wheels yesterday, I checked the handbrake travel - this indeed appears to have been fixed because it definitely won't go all the way up. In addition, the springs have been replaced (advisory says about corrosion). Although I don't think they were brand new.

The only other thing on the advisory was "Rear Brakes imbalanced requirements only just met."
Well, there's not much I can do about that. If it fails or gets an advisory, I'll ask them to have a look.

Like the other advisories, it's ticked off on the sheet, so implies it was looked at before the car was sold.

The Other Stu

Well, there's something right with the car! It passed!

Spoke to the Tester for a bit (I was early, so he finished silly early)

Handbrake is still not right. The left side appears to have been fixed - it hit 180. The right, not so. He thought it would fail, but threw the figures in anyway and it passed because the car is stupidly light. He's suggested replacing the cable (which sounds about right)

He said that the car was in very good shape from everything he looked at which pleased me.

Unlike others, I didn't warm the car up, so worried it might be a bit icky on emissions, but not this one.
Of the 2 CO2 levels, at idle, it didn't even register! HC level was very low too (about 10% of the max)
Lambda was exactly 1.00 - min 0.97, max 1.03.

Nothing else at all. Didn't even comment on the nappy!

Got talking about all kinds of things, including his Lotus (he showed me a picture). Almost exactly the same colour as mine  s:D :D s:D

The Other Stu

Oh and to stop the confusion, I've had a name change   s:lol: :lol: s:lol:


Congratulations to you both on your new names  s;) ;) s;)

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The Other Stu

Why thanks   s:lol: :lol: s:lol:  


Perfect JK.  s:bowdown: :bowdown: s:bowdown:  

Liking what you have done with the name change Stu.  s:lol: :lol: s:lol:   s:lol: :lol: s:lol:

The Other Stu

Well, whilst you lot were having fun today (btw Stu, hope it all worked out OK).....

I was up at 6:30 this morning walking to my eldest Son's place ready to receive a washing machine and fridge freezer which arrived at 7:30!
(Do these people never sleep? Apparently, will deliver any time between 7am and 10pm)

The bonus was that once I'd plumbed the washer in (my Son had decided to go to a French Car show and leave his poor Girlfriend dealing with everything), I had the day to myself by 9:30am so I've kicked on.

Because I knew I had to try and get as much as I could done, first thing was to remove the bumper. Oh dear oh dear. The front right spoiler is cracked and I knew from receipts that the light had been replaced - there was me innocently thinking it has just had a crack or whatever. The car's had a front nudge - it looks like it's low down and has probably needed a new bumper.

Took it off, treated the rust. It's quite small. Then I got on doing other things whilst it dried.
What I've realised as I've put the bumper back on is that where it's dented the underneath metal, one of the screws doesn't go in properly and it's been bodged. But that's fine - it holds the bumper on really well.

However, on the other side, the plastic surrounding the screw has broken so it doesn't hold very well - in fact, I can see it coming out again.

There are a number of extra screws in the bottom holding the spoiler onto the bumper though   s:lol: :lol: s:lol:  
I might get one of you guys to have a look if we meet up and see what can be done (short of a new bumper)

I've put the first coat of red paint on the front calipers. It's looking good already - I can go put the second coat on in about half an hour (hence why taking a break). I've had a look at the deep scratches on the back. I've tried to tart it up with a paint pot (I had it mixed) but I think it's just not going to look right so it looks like I'll need a proper job. I reckon I can get the backs done tomorrow and that'll be a wrap! Whilst waiting for those to dry, I'll put the new bushes that Nathan sent this week.

Bought a clay bar too this week plus I want to have a go at a couple of areas with the Autoglym Paint Restorer, but I think it'll just get a clean this weekend - we'll see.

I'll see if I can take some pictures later. I was too busy fixing the bumper on to remember to take some with it off! But the good thing was, the frunk area is quite free of heavy rust compared with others I've seen.

Oh and the front light. Tried the oven trick. Made a complete mess of it. I'm just going to have to accept I need a new light. The one on the right (nearside) is only 3 years old and looks great. The one on the left is very milky and yellow and I just can't get it apart.


For the battery arcing problem - undo the earth terminal first and do it up last then you won't get any problems

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The Other Stu

Quote from: "Smcknighty"For the battery arcing problem - undo the earth terminal first and do it up last then you won't get any problems

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Was this the right thread?

The Other Stu

I've done loads this weekend. I've painted the calipers red all the way round. Cleaned all the brakes up too with brake cleaner.
Washed the carpets.

Where the skirts were re-attached at some point, the glue stuff they've used has faded. A pot of matched colour, and it blends in now.
Used the opportunity to paint under the engine cover grill where something has turned the paint white with a long brush.

Cleaned thoroughly, including the Frunk.

I've found the most wonderful product - Turtle Wax "Back to Black". It's amazing. I've used the whole tin on all the black bits on the car, the frunk, and the roof.

Cleaned the car thoroughly and waxed.

I don't want to take it out now   s:lol: :lol: s:lol:  

Oh and JK, I won this on an ebay auction, so it's staying in the car.



The Other Stu

I'm sorry, I'm going to bore everyone with this thread, but because the car's new, it's having quite a bit done to tidy it up!

Following on from a couple of others, I'm having the blue roof treatment. Booked in on the 23rd August - I found out the reason for the long wait btw - Jack is on holiday for much of July.

I'm stealing Tomaky's picture to give you an idea of what it will look like done:

Apparently, someone else is having the same thing done the day before. A member here?

The Other Stu

I'm terrible at taking photos. I'll try tomorrow or Friday.

I've fitted the induction kit - I'll put more info in the induction kit post.
I've also fitted the replacement radio. This is a different model and it's much easier to play with.
It also came with a bezel (which is typical, because I've just bought one) so looks tidy. I took my huge snips I bought in the States and hacked the sides that you screw onto the radio so that it fits a bit more snug now.



Found this earlier thay I did for Stew when he had roof done. I reckon this works AND you would be unique.

What do you think?

The Other Stu

I asked the wife about it when we bought the car. She said absolutely no red, hence why there were a couple I let go, including a black car I loved.


Shame.  s:-( :-( s:-(

The Other Stu

Wow! Looking at the original post I put together, I've done an awful lot.

Clay barred, wax and polish today. I've fixed the ICE (although I do need to think about Speakers)
I've also fixed the rear light (and the front one).

In fact, I've done most of those things.

The Other Stu

A few bits and bobs today. Trying to get it at its  best for Saturday.

However, I am a clown  s:) :) s:)  It's official. And I learned some new swear words tonight.

Firstly, as I took the bumper off (which already has issues as 2 of the "lugs" are snapped and it doesn't really fit very well), I loosened off the left bit of trim to try and tighten it up. The blinking bolt sheared off. What a palava trying to drill that out. It was a very "stuck" screw and even my special tool couldn't prise it out.

Unfortunately, that's the bit that has to be tightened to get the left side of my bumper even remotely close together   s:x :x s:x  

Anyway, took it off, replaced the Fogs with the lovely new ones bought from Hamish. In addition, I'd bought all the bits a few weeks ago as per Les' wonderful post about how to do the Angel Eyes. I thought "Whilst the fogs are off the car, why don't I do it at the table, it'll make it properly tidy"

And it was. Really, really tidy. No gel hanging about.

Wired it all in, including the relay. Kept all the wiring simple and went round with lots of tie wraps. Connected it to live.
Turned on the ignition, nothing popped. Looked out of the window and.............

I've only gone and ordered blue ones   s:scared: :scared: s:scared:  

What a complete idiot. Checked my ebay order and yes, I really did order the blue ones   s:lol: :lol: s:lol:    s:shock: :shock: s:shock:  

So nice as they are, I've disconnected them for now. There's absolutely no way I can get away with those. I'd get pulled in minutes!
I might wire them back in, but with a switch so that I can use them for "show" on Saturday, but I've ordered some white ones.

Whilst I had the frunk off, I found a suitable place to hide the alarm. I'm going to have to work out how to do the "turn the tyre upside down" trick. But that's the easy bit. As it is, I've hidden the jack underneath the wheel which gets that out of the way   s:bounce: :bounce: s:bounce:

The Other Stu

Here's the blue lights (and new number plate - note, no screws)

The Other Stu

Probably for my own sanity here, but passed 65k on the drive to the restaurant from Beaulieu.
I had a few comments on the blue lights too!

The Other Stu

This week:

Have replaced the blue lights with white ones.
Replaced Left hand Lambda sensor.

Hopefully fit the metal gear/clutch bush replacements this week

The Other Stu

Wow! I've done loads.

I've been wanting to move the number plate since I bought the car. However, easier said than done. There's 2 huge holes behind the number plate, plus the 2 screw holes. So those needed filling and it wasn't an easy job. I had to throw some newspaper in first to partly fill the hole (I'll throw it away next time I take the bumper off). And whilst I was removing the cowboy hat, I noticed that all the paint behind it had bubbled. Despite being really careful, it managed to break 2 of the bubbles and scarred the paintwork. Considering the number of chips and scrapes on the bumper already........

Decided to repaint the bumper entirely between the lights.

Unfortunately, despite what I might have thought, the colour didn't exactly match. Whilst I knew it might not be perfect, it was way too dark. Nothing much I can do. I have put scans out around to see if anyone gets a decent blue front bumper anyway (I want to modify it, but I'd feel better if I had a spare, just in case). My bumper has 3 of the screw holes broken anyway, so it really needs sorting properly.

Whilst I was spraying, I did the rear scars. Was all looking ace when a gust of wind picked up some carp and blew it onto the newly lacquered surface. As much as I tried sanding etc., it's created a new problem now. Albeit, not as bad, and I might be able to salvage slightly.

T-cutting the paint over 2 nights has lightened the colour on the bonnet slightly (strangely, the bit on the rear wing is fine). The paintwork on this car has always been a bit suspect, so it looks no worse than any other bits.

Fitted new Alpine speakers tonight. Took the old ones out and I'm not surprised they sounded so awful. They're 20w RMS and cheap, nasty ones at that. One thing I've learned about modern cars is that they've started putting decent sound systems and speakers in the car. My Vauxhall Mokka has a 12 speaker Bose system as standard. A Nissan X-Trail I have for the next few days has similar. I test drive a lot of cars and they're all branded speaker systems now (my next car is likely to have Focal throughout). Because it's late, I'll leave it until tomorrow to see how good the speakers are. I'm quite into my sound systems and I know that speakers often sound poor to begin with and warm with age (I actually have some mission speakers at home which I was heavily recommended by the dealer to leave for 10 hours facing each other, playing music to bed them in)

Still haven't got round to fitting the bushes above.

Next up: Find somewhere to put the number plate. Probably down low, in front of the grill. I'm toying with ordering one of these for the future

They push the plate slightly forward, thereby leaving room for the air flow in front of the radiator. Can angle them up and down too.

And then to decide what to do with the front. I've got a Midship Runabout badge, but the rear is still entirely de-badged.

Oh and hopefully, I might be nearer getting the hard top and I am now the proud owner of a really, really shiny chrome luggage rack complete with £50 worth of leather straps!

The Other Stu

Wow! I've not updated this in a while.

Updates? Starting at the front. My bumper was a right state - it had some holes missing and didn't really fit, although I think that might be me rather than the bumper. It was also in need of a respray. And for £75, I was offered one in a much better state of repair, so I went with it.

Removed the front spats, the left hand one fell apart again (it's been repaired), glued together using sika and filled. Hopefully won't fall apart again.

I've filled the holes under the number plate, resprayed that bit, and put the number plate at the bottom, in front of the radiator. I know I'm not the only person to do this, and it appears to have little effect on the rad.

Moving backwards, it's had a new hood. I need to treat it with something because it's looking messy already.

And finally at the rear end, after advice from Mike and Katy, I decided to go for the TTE exhaust. It is a great noise - not too noisy, but enough to know it's there. It does, however, make motorway and dual carriageway driving more tiresome (proper drone now), although I didn't buy the car to do this kind of driving, so don't really care.

Still seem to have too many jobs to do - brace still to fit and the gear bushings (some people say it's easy, others seem to have problems - so I'll be in the latter).

I'm very impressed with myself. Never replaced an exhaust before and particularly happy I did it without removing the troublesome cat and manifold cover!

The Other Stu

2017 update. So, what have I done?
Well, took it to Roadster Rescue (Northants branch) yesterday to use the opportunity to have a look underneath at how bad the subframe was and put the brace on.
Firstly, the brace required quite a lot of fettling. The car has had a rear prang and moving the body around just a mm or so meant a bit of filing.
However, all fitted and can't decide if it's a placebo, but it does feel slightly stiffer.

As for the subframe, it's rotten. More holy than righteous. Dangerous even. So it's coming off. I've started soaking it and will do this every couple of days until the weekend at which point I'll try carefully to remove the bolts.

Whilst I'm doing that, my cat is in the winter of its life, so I'm going to use the opportunity to replace it whilst I have it off the car. Plus I'd been talking about putting a replacement manifold on, so I'll do it all at the same time.

On the plus side, fixed the squeaky brake - the pad was sat wrong on the spring and had separated. New pad springs and a part-worn pad later and we're all cooking. Plus replaced the battery which hasn't been right since I bought the car.

Still a fair few jobs to do, but right now need to get this back on the road!