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Started by Petrus, December 19, 2018, 19:35

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Quote from: J88TEO on December 11, 2022, 19:34I am very tempted to import one from Japan!

Stopped myself from that may times; pay enough taxes on all sort unavoidable.

Came one up in France.

Fingers crossed all goes well-


After a rocky start the parcel has now been processed in Madrid distribution centre. Because of X-mas scheduled to be delivered Tuesday. Fitting planned for Wednesday. Hope I did not jinx it now  ::)
Will dig the decat pipe out Sunday/Monday.

Just this week Amuse has published that they are stopping with the Titanium R1 product lines, So a blíng collectors item :-)


Looks light and  8)

Seriously, it is seriously light. Weighs less than the rvs decat pipe.
The set weighs júst shy of 8 kg. 


Good demo of the lightness.


Quote from: Ardent on December 27, 2022, 13:14Good demo of the lightness.

Hilárious btw.: That is how Í intended the photo. How Í see it. How my son sees it, my childhood friend in the Netherlands sees it, the mechanic in the garage sees it.
The fémale friends however, see it as me being the six million $ man  :))  :))
It really is binary.
But hey best not make them any the wiser no  8)  but more probably théy let me thínk so...


Yesterday it went a bit unfriendly with the three amigos. Had to find a new bolt so completed it this morning.
The end ´tip´ looked ludicrous so cut it off.

With the decat pipe and OEM cat pipe next to eachother the restriction in the flex 2-1 part of the latter is strikingly obvious. Small wonder the engine/car feels throttled with it mounted versus decat.

When warm the sound is just right.
Less loud than the cat + just repacked DIY absorbtion damper. 
No drone on the highway.
Does respond a lót better. Tried it up to 190 km/h.

Yes, I did make a video at 1 m. behind the car to record the sound but have lost the plot of youtube so can´t upload/link. Sorry.


Vid can be watched here.  8)

Amuse Titanium zorst


Jason to the rescue. Double like!


Quote from: Petrus on December 28, 2022, 11:14

Btw @Ardent  and @Dev this looks só  8)  that I whish I could take photos like you guys and capture it as I séé it.
It is totally as I like (some) things; hidden bling.
I´d have a proper photo of it as screen saver. My current one is not family friendly  :-[



Rather an unexpected development is that J-spec has the B-pillar uprights of the soft top frame in stock!  :o
Makes sense as for track days/racing it is just about a mandatory thing to delete the soft top and fit the hard top.´
For mé with 300 sunny days/year the delete is a feasable thing for regular use ánd I already have the tonneau cover apart from a hard top so... ordered a set.
Should be over 20 kilo of lightness added in one go and high up too 8)


Written 21 Okt 2018:

QuoteWhat I am  :o about is the weight of the exhaust system:
Stock muffler weights close to 13 kilo. Stock midpipe weights 7.3kg and the stock manifold 5.85kg. Say 26 kilo.
The midpipe with cat is not thát heavy and not a lot can be saved there, but the muffler...
A JDM street legal titanium cat back is as silent as stock and weighs 3,5 kilo. Ok, the cost is silly but it does proove a point.
As the muffler sits high and what´s more BEHIND the rear axle any weight shed there is also ´re-loading´ the front.
I am só looking at this.

4 years  :o and several cunning exhaust plans  ::)  later, I have the system I wanted  8) 


The stripped off soft top brackets have been prepared for shipping tomorrow. All well and good and a very fast solution to add significant lightness but... as always the anticipation creates an itch needing a scratch  :o
Thus retequerethinking a Lexan windschreen  ::) 
Buying a pro made one is not happening because of the aditional costs for shipping and import so looking at diy agaín. Should have opportunity to start up things coming week. Would like to have it fitted late March/ early April.

The Plan:
- drop by at Mati´s and call the window fitters
- have Mati cut and finish a replica in 5 mm Lexan
- mask and spray paint the black edge myself
- have Samuel make a sticker copy in mirror image of the Toyota glass homolation marking
- prepare sand bags to hold the Lexan in place while the pu sets
- call the local windscreen repair at home service to do the replacing and transfer the mirror bung


Read up some threads on Lotus fora. Seems that the ones who mounted in kit are ok.

The weight saving is consistent
Stock glass = 24 lbs
Speedglass = 11 lbs
and the MR2 one is definitely not smaller thus 13 lbs; nearly 6 kilos seems reasonable to expect.

Was blown away by the $$ they mentioned. I hope to be ready under 250€ hence my observation about vfm weight saving.

The softtop brackets should now be knocking at the doors of Spanish customs.