Pistol's Red Edition 2zz Sprint ~ now going road car!

Started by pistol pete, April 24, 2019, 23:09

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pistol pete

Hi All
Some of you may know me, some may not, been in and out of the MR2 community for nearly 20 years now. Been away for a couple of years playing with other cars, including a boxster which was awesome.

I have had several MR2s (and i mean several)
Lost count of how many mk1s, a 269hp (i think it was) supercharger, i built a 3sgte in a mk1. plus many many NA's
MK2's various turbo's and NA's, last one was my last mr2, a Rev 5 NA which started me onto sprinting which i currently do in a RX8, The rev5 was fully stripped and caged.
Only had 2 mk3's a bright yellow (thread on here somewhere) which was my track car in stock form for about a year, and a black one i drove home, found it was bent a sold it in parts.

Fast forward to now, the wife decided i needed something jap (other than the RX8 which i have a love/hate relationship with) in my life and i should get back into mr2's as i know them so well. The hunt began, (I still need to sell my octavia VRS if anyone wants it), I mentioned to a very good friend i was hunting for a base mk3 to have some fun with and to convert to a 2zz, a swap i've always wanted to do.
He passed on that his dad had a good one, but was looking for a cleaner one so wanted to sell
After a few chats and messages, explaining it does need some work (suits me perfectly)
I was heading up to his house, only an hour away.  He was brilliant, he told me he didn't want to sell to a friend in case there were issues with it (other than the ones he knew about) etc. but after realizing i was mad as a hatter he knew i was the right person for the car.

The car was better than he had explained, I was happy taking the car home there and then, bonus was we managed to do a deal including the hardtop! eh was the perfect gent, and even managed to buy his new car the next day!

So off i head home, and it really feels godo to be back in a mr2. First time in a face lift and 6 speed, i forgot about 6th gear untill almost home. :-\
Also realised just how low the car is.. it scrapes nearly all the time, and it's just lowered on springs, but that doesn't bother me.. future plans etc
Stopped off for fuel and grabbed these pictures
DSC_0008 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0011 by peteandkel, on Flickr

Yes it is a private plate on it, and i really like it! , parked up next to the awesome JCW that took me up there

Got home quite late as were chatting for a long time when picking up the car. so headed to bed. The next day i wanted to go play, but as the wife bought me the car i thought i should put up her new bookcases she had bought. Spent all morning putting 7 bookcases together, then before going to get her from work managed to get some daylight photos and a quick poke around the car

DSC_0012 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0013 by peteandkel, on Flickr
The exhaust sounds epic

DSC_0014 by peteandkel, on Flickr

you can see how low it is
DSC_0015 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0016 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0017 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0036 by peteandkel, on Flickr

Took it up to pick the wife from work.. it was a lot of fun. but defo needs more power  >:D

When i picked it up Harry told me his mech had checked the oil leak and it was from the cam cover gasket, which is why i had not worried too much about it.
But when i got home from picking up kelly i found this

DSC_0034 by peteandkel, on Flickr
That's no cam cover leak!! (now anything i find never goes back to harry he told me everything inc the oil leak that he knew about, as in his words "I;m too old to be clambering under cars") hence why he wanted a stock low mileage one not a modded one that needs work like this

I didn't do anything else that day as i'm on nights, so took the wife's car.. Today the fun started
DSC_0035 by peteandkel, on Flickr

First thing i find..
DSC_0037 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0038 by peteandkel, on Flickr
It's low enough it has been picking up bits of tree!!
DSC_0040 by peteandkel, on Flickr

also why the exhaust looked a little off
DSC_0039 by peteandkel, on Flickr

oil leak found!!
DSC_0041 by peteandkel, on Flickr

cam cover has a slight weep, and it is slight, but ordered a new gasket incase i feel like changing it one day before the 2zz goes in.. I mean i do still need to look after this engine, as when it comes out of here, it will be going into the classic mini

DSC_0042 by peteandkel, on Flickr

As i didn't know when it was last service and oil filter was leaking, might as well do an oil service.
I fitted my HKS oil filter i won in the Toyota sprint series from fensport, in my rev5 back in 2014/15
DSC_0045 by peteandkel, on Flickr

you can see just how loose it was here
I hadn't touched it before recording that
DSC_0046 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0049 by peteandkel, on Flickr

also used the spare rubber mount
DSC_0047 by peteandkel, on Flickr

next up i wanted to clean up the under trays of all the oil been sat in them.. So jet wash time
DSC_0050 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0051 by peteandkel, on Flickr

DSC_0052 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0053 by peteandkel, on Flickr

Last up, just for my mate Pete i gave the tips a quick (i mean quick) polish up
DSC_0054 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0056 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0058 by peteandkel, on Flickr

Lastly as my shed i currently full of a friends house stuff while she is moving i have fitted the hard top back on to stop it getting damaged!

Then used it for work tonight, drove lovely
DSC_0060 by peteandkel, on Flickr
Lots of fun!!

Tomorrow will probably see it cleaned, washed and waxed, also get rid of the horrible toyota locking wheel nuts

that's it for now

first main jobs will be new wheels, and suspension (going to try and keep the 15/16 wheel sizes)

And in case anyone is interested, here is our RX8 in action (mine and my best mate Ben)
IMG_3031 by peteandkel, on Flickr
IMG_2449 by peteandkel, on Flickr
IMG_0636 by peteandkel, on Flickr
44881850_10155573907956507_5550608093156474880_n by peteandkel, on Flickr

we took it to spa!!
this is a very early in the day vid, we got a lot faster!!

Lots of sillyness in this video


Looking forward to see what you do with this, looks like a decent example! (Also keen to know your plans with the 1zz mini! - Another want of mine!)

pistol pete

I am very much looking forward to the 1zz mini, but thats pretty far in the future,.. thatll be the winter project i thinks. keep me quiet :)

So not a huge update.. but here we go.

first off I apologise, a few freinds have read this and mentioned i did also have a silver mk3 mr2 i bought to go to wales on a road trip. so that makes this my 4th mk3

Anyway i wanted to give it a good clean i knwo the last owner cleaned it, but its always something to do on a new car. it does still need a clay bar & polish but this is a good start after being on nights!

so first i thought i would give the "mason household Fleet" a clean
DSC_0063 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0068 by peteandkel, on Flickr

Our 211K VRS.. its awesome!!
DSC_0069 by peteandkel, on Flickr

Then onto the MR2
DSC_0066 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0067 by peteandkel, on Flickr

just washed, hand washed, dried and waxed, also RainX'd the windows, love that stuff
I am pretty pleased with how the purchased looks now, when i have more time i will go fully to town on it

DSC_0070 by peteandkel, on Flickr

TTE spoiler, this will be sold when i move to a carbon lid
DSC_0071 by peteandkel, on Flickr

I found out its a remus exhuast
DSC_0072 by peteandkel, on Flickr

DSC_0074 by peteandkel, on Flickr

Its the RED edition so extra red inside
DSC_0075 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0076 by peteandkel, on Flickr

next job is change the stereo
DSC_0077 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0079 by peteandkel, on Flickr

Also whilst all this was going on, i messaged a mate who lives north of Darlington (bearing in mind i am south Kent) thats a long long way away, he always seems to have many Toyotas, i asked if he ever has a spare 2zz celica going to let me know, after investigation the celica is a better car to purchase for the swap.
Turned out he did and it was in my budget, After a chat with the wife and it being the 2nd car in a week to fall in my lap she said i couldn't say no, so the deal was done.
He is even bringing it down to Peterborough for me, to meet half way.

so Sunday its new heart arrived from a 2 owner car with full history

received_478286272709135 by peteandkel, on Flickr

I need to find out what else i need to complete the swap, but the main purchase is done, then will be full steam ahead!!!!!


Quote from: pistol pete on April 26, 2019, 20:10

I need to find out what else i need to complete the swap, but the main purchase is done, then will be full steam ahead!!!!!

@shnazzle has started a '2zz swap - what you need' thread

pistol pete

Quote from: StuC on April 26, 2019, 21:25
Quote from: pistol pete on April 26, 2019, 20:10

I need to find out what else i need to complete the swap, but the main purchase is done, then will be full steam ahead!!!!!

@shnazzle has started a '2zz swap - what you need' thread

Do you have a linky
I've looked and can't find it



pistol pete

Thanks Stu!

5am start this morning, trip up to Peterborough
a quick meet up and drive home.. and this si now sat on the drive

IMG-20190428-WA0003 by peteandkel, on Flickr

got a few bits to do to the rex then ill unload it and start stripping down.



The Celica looks in pretty good nick. Almost seems a shame to strip it.

pistol pete

It's an mot failure on rust.. Plus i have a much better home for its heart

It is a one owner car from new!!!

pistol pete

thought a small update is in order.

I put the hard top back on the car as I had no where safe to put it and was worried it would get damaged

Met up with Pete Kyte and Harry (who i got the car from) they came down in Pete's Immaculate mk3, and Harry's new low mileage very clean matching mk3

So a ride out was in order, Harry decided his new car is too quite and wants his old exhaust back :) :)
couple of ride out pictures.. just because i can
DSC_0093 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0105 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0103 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0099 by peteandkel, on Flickr

driveway filling up
DSC_0086 by peteandkel, on Flickr

So after that, I decided to make up a hard top stand so I can enjoy soft top motoring
brackets made,
DSC_0106 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0107 by peteandkel, on Flickr

Mounted on the wall..
DSC_0108 by peteandkel, on Flickr

everytime I turned around my little helper was giving me her ball
DSC_0117 by peteandkel, on Flickr

got the roof on the wall
fitted and protected
DSC_0109 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0110 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0111 by peteandkel, on Flickr
DSC_0112 by peteandkel, on Flickr

out of the garage and there she is helping me again
DSC_0123 by peteandkel, on Flickr

Next up was get the RX8 running, it had been sat a couple of weeks and never likes to start afterwards.. so normal de-flooding sequence commenced and ran it did... My neighbors love me :)


I have no idea how to embed the video

Got the RX8 back on the trailer and the celica off..
DSC_0122 by peteandkel, on Flickr

had to give it a wash, even though i'm pulling it apart in was horrible, I just got filthy every time i touched it

and she was waiting to help again :) :) so helpful
DSC_0113 by peteandkel, on Flickr

Not had any interest on the rest of the car bits soo far so once I have what I need off to the tip it goes..
DSC_0083 by peteandkel, on Flickr

On the ride home from work yesterday, the clutch in the MR started slipping. so the timeline is moving up a bit.. keep a watch. more news as soon as i do it :)

pistol pete

Thought i should do an update!
What's been happening. well not a lot.
Been helping a friend sort out her new house, and had to do clutch slave/master cylinders new brake fluid on the RX8. and of course go racing. so been busy there!

Here is the Race cat at three sisters last weekend
FB_IMG_1558104450961 by peteandkel, on Flickr

video here

I'm also very proud of my new Spa picture in my hallway
DSC_0083 by peteandkel, on Flickr

So Jackie, the friend we are helping moving has driven my mr a few times and fell in love with it
I then was chatting to patrick, headcase, who said he had a mr2 he was selling if i knew anyone.. the next day she had picked it up, 72k mile Pre facelift with a few nice extras on it
DSC_0003 by peteandkel, on Flickr

Ben came down in the M5 and we went to a little local meet which was cool

DSC_0006 by peteandkel, on Flickr

next day Facebook gave me a memory of my old yellow mk3
FB_IMG_1557940816792 by peteandkel, on Flickr

So we recreated the picture.. i wish she would stop growing!!
DSC_0082 by peteandkel, on Flickr

I then found i had a water leak everytime it rained and was filling up the passenger side footwell as the water bag for directing rainwater to the drain is ripped, so for now we are back with the hard top

DSC_0085 by peteandkel, on Flickr

Did get one good run out home from nights with the roof down though
DSC_0078 by peteandkel, on Flickr

So anyways it has got to the point now i need to actually start doing some work to it.
I have had enough of it dragging its belly along the road, and will be no good on track.
So big order went in with Fensport today (highly recommend them)!!

Order was
Set of BC coilovers
Yellow stuff all round pads (will be going to carbotech later, but these have served us well on the RX)
New discs all round
Drop links all round
Goodridge Braided brake lines
Also sat at home i have a set of wipers to go on it

While i am doing that ill get the soft top off and see if i can repair the leak

It should be a good start anyways!

So not much of an update. my list of jobs is huge and cars low down at themoment, i have the RX8 new pads, fit a bathroom and shower, race anglesey, prep for getting new boiler fitting, get 2zz out the celica, move the classic mini so i can get to the ramp, fix sister in laws car. it goes on! I have a  full list of jobs on the white board in the kitchen

pistol pete

Okay... far to long since update.. sorry.. soooo.. many photos incoming!!!

First job. I decided i wanted the cage in, after looking at what was around, and what i wanted. I decided it will be a dedicated track car, not half raod half track, and i wanted a full cage.

I landed on going with a company called Caged Laser
Based in south west

They had not done an MR2 before and wanted to. So a deal was done on a bolt in caged that they could then use as a template to sell on, all done to MSA spec.

They wanted the interior and dash out to fit the cage. Thats the first job then.. Strip the interior of all weight.

first Jack up your car :lol:

fair bit of weight out of there.
all down the tip

But as i now had a red roof and nice interior i thought id upgrade the silver one..
it came out well i think



Seats are so much softer and much more comfy

Next up, I still needed it to move around, so i go some rogue seat mounts and stole the spare seat out of the RX8.

now i do not need the seat to move so its sits fairly low without sliders

Car moved outside (with no exhaust it was pretty loud!)

Loaded up for the long trip to Caged laser

So much smaller on the trailer than the RX8

Dropped off. I was expecting to be dropping the car off at a shed. but when i got there i was offered a tour of the workshop... What a place.. an EV Skyline drift car with tesla power, Lots of caterham roll cages, and westfield chassis.. so they knew what they were doing!!!

Back home i started to play with the 2zz
I got it up on the engine stand and deided to change water pump, gaskets etc.
Ordered all Parts from Fensport.

And then i went on a nice family holiday for the week.. while i was there i got some photos from caged laser

They also as an extra added in 6 point harness points stitched in for me on the drivers side a 4 point on passenger

Home from holiday and time to pick the cage up

Also one of the guys there was going a bit of work on his car.. this little beaut

Got the car home.. and here is the cage.. the family decided it should be bright..

they have done somthing different in that the roof bolts to the cage so can easily be removed

I had andy pop down in his 2gr beast...

So due to school holidays. not much got done for couple weeks.. was out having fun!!

Anyway this week got back to it.. getting the 1zz out of the car, so i can then drop the gearboxes off to Patrick Chambers to swap them out for me

subframe out

I had trouble the rear engine mount bolt had sized in the rubber so took the whole thing off in one go
At work a press and it was soon apart

ill be going poly mounts anyway

that was today everything is disconnected just need to undo the side engine mounts and drop the engine, but i had to come to work..

On another note.. I had order a magilligan 2zz exhaust back in may.. nothing ever arrived, so after chasing i got my money back through paypal..
I was wondering what to do about an exhaust, then a friend sent me a link toa full 2zz mr2 exhaust on ebay £200.. the picks were not great, but i though why not to get me going.

threw on a best offer of 150 and it was accepted to my surprise.. a full system for 150!!!!
My mate went and picked it up.. i haven'd seen it but seems to be a Monkey wrench racing system which will be a huge bonus if it is!

also saw this at my mates workshop.. made me laugh


Great work and write up.

Sorry to ask a potentially dumb question but what is that structure you've got holding the car several feet up in the air? Looks interesting!

pistol pete

Its a car scissor ramp... been using it for years. great bit of kit.. its even lifted my old pajero!

pistol pete

I had a quick hour this morning before starting work
this happened


What was the cost of the rogue seat mounts? are the side mounts included or is it just the mounts that bolt to the original seat bolt positions? Did they have options for base mounting instead of side mounting?



pistol pete

Hi ya
i think they were 100 delivered, but was couple months ago now..
the come with side mounts but there bolt onto the base plate so you could bolt from underneath if you need to..
they use original seat base mount points in the car

pistol pete

So Dropped the Gearboxes off to Patrick Chambers. He is putting the gearset from the celica box into the MR2, so we keep the MR2 casing, linkages and Diff, but had the 190 engine gears to keep the car in lift.
i am not currently swapping over the longer 6th, as it is a track only car.

At home last night a jumped onto getting the engine ready.
First up was to change the manky sump for a baffled one. I am going for a 1zz sump for now and then later ill be adding an accusump when funds allow

Also fitted the new Blitz oil filter...

next up was lift bolts. these are know to snap or wear. so while i have it they are 80p each so might as well and change the cam cover gasket too

Onto the lower temp TRD thermostat

fitted following these instructions closely

New water pump while there too
old one had a plastic impeller

new is a metal impeller

new sparks fitted too

I did also swap the idler pulley from the 1zz to the 2zz which sits where the air con normally would. The idler bearings are knackered, so Patrick is ordering em a new on to pick up when i get the gearboxes back.

Tonight hopefully ill be able to tackle starting to swap the looms and generally getting it all back together


Be careful with TRD and Blitz branded products lots of fakes out there and especially in the case of oil filter probably no better than any other.
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Free Ukraine 🇺🇦

pistol pete

Quote from: 1979scotte on September 11, 2019, 10:57Be careful with TRD and Blitz branded products lots of fakes out there and especially in the case of oil filter probably no better than any other.

Cheers, these are genuine.. direct from Fensport not Ebay ones.. 

pistol pete

A bit more has happened

Got both the 1zz and 2zz out in the sunshine to transfer needed parts and start building up the 2zz

removed the injectors and fuel rail from the 1zz . resinstalled the 2zz injectors and 1zz fuel rail so the fuel feed is on the correct side
blocked up the required (or not as it may be) coolant lines.

Swapped over the coolant lines then reinstalled the 1zz wiring loom.

pulled the 2zz loom into the back room and removed teh 3 wires and 2 plugs required to make lift work.

Popped up to my mates to pick up my new exhaust.

It was very nicely wrappedn, a good job. but i cannot go near the stuff without itching like a mofo. so it had to come off.

nice exhaust under there.

The first silencer was rattling. so cut it open and removed the rattle.. the other two back boxes are able to be repacked, so i just left this one empty and see how it goes..

new plate welded back on

Lastly made a new mini loom for the  oil and lift switch

also i thought id weigh in the civic R EP3

pistol pete

I'm on nights this week which always means i can get a bit done..
hoping to pick up the gearbox this week which may mean engine in at the weekend!!

so managed to get a bit done today..
first up was putting the lift cables into the loom.. i am pretty happy with the finished product,

my little helper kept throwing me her ball so i could chuck it for her.. this slowed me down. but how can you say no!

I got a little trick from a friend a few years back, i want to get some poly engine mounts in future. but i am currently on a tight budget to just get the thing running.  So using his trick.. filled the old engine mounts with Stickaflex. this has stiffened them up a load.
Ill see how it is when on the car. if no good ill order new ones. but worth a try

The others decided to help at this point

With the engine just waiting to go into the car. i thought it was about time i actually did some work on the car itself to prep!
so i covered all front suspension in penetrating spray. ill leave that now and take apart tomorrow

next up into the car. again the helper is there

want to get rid of all the fan and heater unit

first bypassed the heater.

got it all out after some fighting

gave it all a tidy up, moved some of the loom, i can get this much tidier, as i am pretty sure there is loads i can just unplg and remove, but i am not doing this untill i know the engine is in and running (i don't want to add more potential faults in one go)

So then take a perfectly good dash

and attach with an angle grinder

test fit.. pretty pleased with how it looks.. was tempted not to run a dash at all but this just keeps it tidy for now

I know the photos are not the best, they were taken on my pad in a dim garage..

Last job before deciding i was tired after working last night.. As i am inside the car i wanted to get the harness and seat sorted..
So fitted eyelets for harness and wrapped on the harness bar

test fit.. very chuffed (this is my happy face)

pistol pete

only a little job today..
Nights.. makes me tired and grumpy sometimes.

made these last night

can't really see in the pic, but with better light i will get a pic.
raised the gearshifter by 6cm.

I will see what its like when engines in, but all seems okay a nicely placed at the mo


Coming on nicely Pete :), hope to get onto my swap (or turbo install) after cadwell sprint, just need to get this GT4 RC sold to make space in garage!

Ex-2005 roadster  owner, i will be back :D

pistol pete

Updates coming thick and fast now!

First off i realised i have only gone and left the throttle cable bracket attached in the celica, which long ago went to the scrappy (who have already crushed it)
So Roger G is sorting me one at the weekend. so i shall carry on until then without it.

So first off
Went and collected my gearbox from Patrick Chambers..  ( i seem to be missing some pics is took. no idea where they've gone)
whilst there he added the bung for the first lambda to go in, rather than in the down pipe

As i am not running a cat, I got an Ebay spacer

I was then waiting for my clutch to arrive so got on with some little jobs

My Fan arrived for the dash, ths is just to see if it works, as a cheap try no harm!

the opening left in to vent air to the windscreen

cheap 12v fan

all dash and interior is back in.. but no pictures... Doh

next up i pulled this box that has been sat in the corner of my garage for ages

got them fitted up

Also this fun little package of ultra racing ARBs arrives

Also fitted a new pulley as the bearings had gone in the old one

My clutch arrived. so i went about fitting the clutch, and gearbox etc all back together, these are the pics i am missing. but it all went together nicely.
This is just before installation

I haven't gone to town making this engine a show shiney engine. t isn't worth the effort.. its going in a track/sprint car.. i am sure it will be in and out / replaced many times!

A while later.. magic happens and a 2zz is in the car!!!

Again missing a load of pics.. but got everything reconnected, Oil and gearbox oil filled, subframe back on, engine mounts on.etc etc etc
Then coolant filling. MR2s can be terrible for coolant bleeding.

this time I thought i would try a way I have not done before. I used a friends vacuum filler.
so it pulls all the air out of the system, collapses all hoses etc. you shut it off and leave it a couple seconds to see if you loose the vacuum. If you do you know there is a leak somewhere... i didn;t luckily.. well at the moment anyway..
Then put the filling line in a big bucket of new coolant and open the system up. it the draws and fills the system with coolant and no air...

Happy days

It is now almost ready to start.
I have modified the celica air box to fit, and i have "borrowed" some gasket material from work to make my own exhaust gaskets... so fingers crossed.. tomorrow i can turn the key!!!!!!