Custard Tart - MR2 hand-me-down

Started by The Arch Bishop, May 23, 2021, 16:35

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Chilli Girl

Do hope it isn't gearbox related but Sapphire was really noisy, turned out a knackered crown wheel!  :(
Ex owners of Chilli red facelift 52 reg called Chilli, silver 55 reg called Foxy and blue pfl W reg MR-S called Sapphire. Now 2 less!

The Arch Bishop

Quote from: Topdownman on August  1, 2022, 16:49I have some carpet tiles on the inside of the bin doors on one of my cars and I think they help.

Starting to sound like it could be a fault in the box though.

Any exhaust builders near you that you could visit to get their opinion?

It doesn't feel/sound like a gearbox issue - just reverb from the exhaust booming through the cabin. It's always sounded rather unusual at tick-over with a slightly off-beat wuffle (which is actually really nice). I think it's just a cheapo manifold and TTE backbox combo.

If it is the gearbox, well so be it - not a mega expensive issue to fix just a pain to do!


Quote from: The Arch Bishop on August  1, 2022, 22:52It's always sounded rather unusual at tick-over with a slightly off-beat wuffle (which is actually really nice).
That is a good description. Off beat wuffle. Like that.
Lovely sound.
The box if original  will have remus stamped/pressed on it. And weigh a lot.
It could be an issue in the box. Not unknown. But never had an after market manifold to compare sounds.

The Arch Bishop

Once again, it's been far too long between updates, but then the Tart has been unused for a good few months. With the house undergoing extensions and the various painting and DIY that ensued, there's been no time for joy riding and I seem to find that all my driving involves more than one passenger.

When we left it last, I was trying to make the car more usable for touring by reducing the mind-scrambling exhaust note in the cabin. The first round of sound-deadening certainly reduced the resonances running riot, but there was still a background buzz that would be good to rid the cockpit of. Out came the rear storage lockers again and I went to work applying the sound deadening to those as well. Not thrilling work, but worth it if it helped.

Embarrassingly, that was on the 4 August and I finally got around to testing it out...a few days ago.

Yes, the Tart hadn't moved from the drive since then. Amazingly, it still started on the key - that replacement battery doing its thing (albeit sluggishly). It got a slow charge over the next day anyway.

Anyway, with the battery brimmed and having replaced only 0.5 of a PSI to one tyre, it was ready to do a swift trip over to work and do you know what? The final bit of sound squashing had worked a treat! Now, while it's still obviously rorty, a 60mph on-throttle doesn't produce the constant BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRAAAAAAAARRRRRAAAAAA anymore. Just a nice constrained bellow. It's far more comfortable and usable. So, result on that!

Having had a pleasant drive, it was also time to install her royal yellowness into her Winter abode. The garage has basically been a dumping ground for the contents of our loft now we no longer have one, but a concerted effort and many trips to the tip cleared the garage for its actual main purpose, to house a car. It's bizarre how many people are genuinely surprised when we say we use the garage to house a vehicle in.

So, garage clear, car goes in. Well yes, but a summer sat out doing nothing on the drive meant that it was basically a home for brake-dust and yellow-loving spiders. It was grim. So a quick wash down with a bucket and a watering can (we've still got a hosepipe ban for the foreseeable) got the worst of the mank off. It was a little difficult to admire when in the back-ground is another yellow Toyota that I'd really not mind a go in;

I know that the purists say that the new Supra is just a BMW in a frock, but I'll happily admit that I really like that frock. It always looks so much better in the flesh than in photos. Basically, fwoooar.

Anyway, a quick dry off and it was into the garage;

I had about 20 mins free to have a tinker and noticed that the high level brake light had gone cloudy and I had stumbled across a almost empty bottle of Meguires Scratch-X, so thought I'd give it a go with a couple of passes;

Worked a treat! I did the other half and gave it a coat of wax.

Today, I unexpectedly had a short afternoon free, and with it being quite a while since the Tart had enjoyed a proper bit of love and attention, I set to with a clay bar, super resin polish and the Collinite double coat. I managed to get two coats of wax down on the bonnet, front wings, bumper and windscreen surround and also managed to resurrect the faded wing mirrors. It was a thorough job and something I'll be continuing in the next week. Due to the tight confines of the garage, I'll need to do ¾ of the car and then turn it around to do the rest.

After that, I'm going to turn my attention to the interior as the door pockets have both fallen off - the result of what looks like a ham-fisted speaker install back in the mists of time. Where the pockets clip in to the door cards, there's a lot of snapped plastic and glue-gun residue that needs sorting. Usually, I'd look to buy better door cards, but these have the yellow vinyl inserts on them, so finding replacements is basically impossible. So I'll need to look at possibly plastic welding and drilling which is never easy.

Just to add insult to injury, the speakers have started rotting out, so they'll need replacing (they sound truly terrible and buzz at anything approaching audible levels), but I'll head on over to the ICE threads for advice on that!


 :) good to here that you are putting the love back in 8)  8)
great pictures and wording.

as for the garage quote What you are useing it for a car 8)
when i was looking for a house before lockdown i was only looking for 1s with garages.
i told every estate  agent that the garage is more important  than the house  they laughed.
until i told them i was serious and if the garage was not easy to get car in i did not want to about the house.

lest just say i did not find a house and how limited you are when looking.

so enjoy your 2 now with its winter bedroom don't forget to wake it and use it mind :))  :))


Hi - any idea how much sound insulation material you used? I'd like to try the same - thanks

The Arch Bishop

Quote from: barchetta_ms on November  7, 2022, 09:38Hi - any idea how much sound insulation material you used? I'd like to try the same - thanks
Not entirely sure. If you search on Amazon for 'Noico 80 mil (2 mm) 18 sqft' that's what I had. It comes in square sheets that are nice and easy to cut with some decent scissors.

I've still got a sheet or two left and I did mess up a few shapes so there was a bit of wastage. Seems to be good stuff  but it's gone up in price since I bought it in everything I guess.


Excellent - thanks for that