Road Rally Car Build

Started by Pundershaw, December 19, 2021, 17:52

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 :) a win is a win even if timeing is tight :)
 the most important thing is your doing this and spend time haveing fun even with wife map reading  :))  :))

 keep going would love to see some pictures ;D  ;D


Quote from: Pundershaw on August 20, 2022, 11:47Did a rally on Sunday in our Pug Rufus (yes we like to name cars 😆) with my wife on the maps, we won by 1 minute. Next rally I'm driving in is 2nd October, we are hoping to be using Bert the MR2. Can't wait for my first RWD rally!

Chapeau and congratulations to both.

Best practice some as it is rather different and mid engine does not quite make the learning curve flatter. 
Wet tarmac and an empty industrial estate are ideal  ;)

Good thing you come from the 205 as a brusque throttle lift mid corner provoking almost instant oversteer is a bit like ´the infamous ´ snap oversteer´ although it is not all thát snap at all in the ZZW30. 
You may not be instantly quicker but it will sure be fun!!


Hi, just wondering how you got on with yours, I did my first event in 10 years last night in my 2zz roadster, hindered and slowed downa lot by a rear guard that was acting as a scoop for all the grass in the middle of the road, I've just ordered a set of KYB standard height springs to replace the h&r ones currently on the konis, but is there any other options for gaining a bit more clearance that you are aware of? the guard in the picture was flush to the floor at the start of the event, my spreaders clearly worked because the floor seems to have held up well.


Quote from: Tommk2rs on February 19, 2023, 21:12but is there any other options for gaining a bit more clearance that you are aware of?

There are only two options for that;
- longer springs
- higher tyres (on 16" rims)


I have a customer who uses his MR2 for off road trials, On the top mounts of the rear shocks he has replaced the 3 fixings with longer bolts and made wooden spacers to jack it up.
Worth a try cheap enough to do and doesn't take long.
Obviously they are removed prior to MOT test.
If you have a look on castle eaton vehicle services facebook pics you can see a side view of the ground clearance.



Firstly apologies for not updating this recently, I'll give a roundup of where I'm at.

The first rally I had planned last year got postponed, and then when it did run a couple of months later, my wife wanted to do it in our 205 so that she could get historic championship points. We were second in the rally by just 1 second, but got enough points to both win the championship, so it was worth it.

We have since done two small night navigation rallies in it without issue. Car has been nice and predictable, as well as slightly sideways.

Since Christmas I've done two auto tests in it, learning to handbrake and do 360's, it's been brilliant and I've finished second both times.

The next big test is this weekend where I'm doing a full night rally in Derbyshire 100 miles of roads but also includes 10 miles of rough tracks!

I'm due to pick the car up tomorrow from my mechanic who has been fitting guards underneath and the new springs I had made.

I went for new springs with an increased rate to add some ride height, I'll find out tomorrow how it looks?

I did buy some nylon sheet to machine down to make spacers also as an alternative, but I'll see how the springs go on Saturday night and report back.

I'll get some photos up as soon as I can, and hopefully I won't end up with the rear guard acting like a shovel, but I haven't seen it yet so who knows?

Everything I've done so far I'm really pleased with and on certain events the car is definitely capable of winning. The guards and suspension were meant to be done a while ago but I've had lots of other stuff on and lots of work done to the other car so it's been delayed. They are the two unknown things and what I view as an experiment, so really looking forward to having a gravel friendly car hopefully, but happy to alter it if needed.



Again, apologies for the delay, but here is an update from the end of February 2023.

I finally got my car back ready for its first rough night rally, new springs fitted and three guards underneath. The new ride height looked good, as did the 5mm alloy guards that my mechanic had cut and shaped to protect it as much as possible. It makes it almost flat underneath, if only I was going to go fast enough to benefit from its improved aerodynamic efficiency 😆.

With fresh gravel tyres fitted we set off to Derbyshire for the rally. With no time for even a small test drive it was into the unknown for the first bit of the rally, a couple of laps round a go kart track where the event started, whilst all the other competitors were watching!

The car was perfect for the kart track and we came out with fastest time. We then set out into the countryside for the the start of the rally proper, the first section was to include 10 miles of fast flowing roads and a lovely gravel track for a couple of miles that included a deep Ford.

Before we ever got to the gravel track however, it was evident that all wasn't well with the suspension. We were grounding out at the rear on medium compressions and it became apparent that the new springs had failed!

We continued on being very careful on the rough stuff, of which there was lots and competed the rally running with less ride height than standard. It was painful at times with the rear grounding out all the time, but other than that the car ran faultlessly and it was great fun on the smoother sections.

Back to the drawing board on the spring front.


Thanks for the update and congrats with the cart track.

The rest is almost to be expected without a prior shake down. Also nothing really sérious.

If it is just the springs, a good starting point for replacements is having them twíce the spring rate of the front ones.