Lightweight extremes

Started by Petrus, May 27, 2022, 18:20

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The forum champion is @AdamR28 but I don´t know what his project currently weighs.

Here 1900 lbs no fuel

and a  :o  1620 lbs for a  :o  ::)  :o  ´car´


Anybody know how much the body panels weigh? Many more expensive cars swap or have aftermarket carbon fibre panels but I can't see saving many kgs that way. Maybe with doors, boot and bonnet but still not loads.

I've thought before the simplest lightest road legal solution would be a full swap glass/carbon fibre clamshell front and rear, just clip on. And with that you could likely ditch the crash beams for single tubes supporting the clam shells and trim quite a bit of structure off the rear at least, maybe not the front much without repositioning the radiator and lights (need different lights in the clamshell anyway)

Then you have to consider how light you can actually make the doors, a simple bar and aluminium frame and skin or fabric skin even. And glass is heavy of course. This all after the minimum stripped interior, those plastic panels surprisingly weight a bunch. And a lighter dash, just a sculpted glass/carbon fibre panel is plenty.

Plus the subframe isn't too heavy but for performance purposes a tubular subframe which isn't just the cross member but cross braces underneath the engine forward to the solid chassis points similar to a Snelbaard brace.

And you should have a light weight front brace, which I'd replace those existing support plates and rather than add additional brace bars, just tie all in together to 1 triangulated brace for probably half the weight and better rigidity than stock or current add on solutions.

It's a fascinating and addictive prospect

This is an idea I've been wanting to develop not only for weight but for looks also, tarting up a dated or tired looking mr2 and giving it new life and appeal. One of these days I'll get somewhere with it...



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Fiber bonnet and rear deck cán save up to 10 kg together. The bonnet mould is on my to-do list.
The mud guards are quite light.
The doors are heavy but that is for a reason. Looked at the side windows but road use excludes that.
A plastic windscreen could save 5 kg.