Brake pad recommendation

Started by No.Lows, August 20, 2022, 23:47

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Hi I'm looking for some advice on what pads people are running? I'll be doing mainly fast road and some track work, think a full track pad would be overkill but I'm curious what others are using


road wise. I'm more than happy enough with pagid.

Track wise. Rabbit hole duly opened.


EBC Bluestuff seem a good compromise.  I'm running them on the front of my MR S, which is only used on the street.  They are positive, plenty sharp enough and have decent track-day reviews.  Plus they aren't anything like as messy as Yellowstuff.
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Alex Knight

I'd endorse @Carolyn recommendation of EBC Bluestuff on the front axle for track work, they're good enough for 9/10ths driving on track, and not too expensive.


On advice from @AdamR28 I'm running Apec pads for road and track use. He seems to have had success running these so I'm giving them a go too. I've currently got Apec pads on the rear and Yellowstuff on the front. I've got a spare front and rear set of Apecs for my next track day in case the existing pads wear down.