New offering from TEIN. Flex Z Coilovers

Started by Dev, November 7, 2022, 15:43

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I found something that should put the BC and Koni options to rest. 

I currently have the discontinued TEIN SSPs which I love because they are a true street coilover that was researched for the proper damper valving and spring rates. They are also high quality and made in Japan. The cheap Taiwanese coilovers are not researched and are so stiff they actually make handling worse by taking the tires to the edge of traction and they don't have enough shock oil. Koni are ok but not at all optimal.

The only other real options apart from the TEIN SSP is the Cusco Zero 2 and the KW variant 3 as these have the correct valving and spring rates but many are put off by the high price.

Tein has a new Coilover system called the Flex Z for our cars and it is at the right price point. If it's anything like my SSP which I think they are it will be a game changer. Another good thing about this suspension system compared to some other Tein products is they are manufactured in Yokohama Japan where they make everything in house and have their regional headquarters in the UK.

Alex Knight

I highly recommend my TEIN Super Streets, and would 100% echo @Dev comments above.