Suzuki Bandit

Started by Smithy, November 8, 2022, 16:59

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This is my new toy and soon to be daily. It's been a while since I had a bike and I've always fancied the GSF600.
She is a 2001 standard bike on 39k miles. Only mod it the bikini fairing and a ART can. She's been loved and looked after by the last family to own her and all I want to do is just some light paint touch ups on the frame and that's about it. Roll on spring
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Chilli Girl

That's a great bike James - I just found it abit too too heavy for little weak me but that won't be a problem for you ;)   Yes, we will have to start a mini meet in the spring although you're be up 30bhp more than me :o There arn't many left in that condition so an excellent find, congrats.
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Thanks Jane. Yes I'm really pleased with her. Can't wait to get out now
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 :) it always nice to find  a well looked after bike/car that you can tell by looking at that it has been looked after  :)  give you great confidence 8)  8)

you never no you may get that great day in the winter when you can get out for a good runout 8)  8)
enjoy the fun now its your  8)

Alex Knight

Is this in the wrong section?


Sorry Alex you're right. This should be in readers rides on the side
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