Gutting the bonnet

Started by Petrus, November 16, 2022, 12:12

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Giving up on an affordable lighweight bonnet.
The next ´best´ thing seems to be taking (part of) the reïnforcing structure on the underside out. Gutting the hood, making a change from gutting precats  :))

Anyway, has anyone here done that and weighed the gains?



double post


Found the thread by @AdamR28 on the UK forum again.;topic=69843.0;attach=14005;fs=228094

´So, the grinder was employed and a few kilos shed. Bonnet from 11 to 6kg.´ - @AdamR28

As I want to retain the outer rim, I expect to shed less than 2 kgs, but hey, for free  8)