InoKinetic Seminar on 2ZZ rebuilds.

Started by Dev, November 28, 2022, 15:17

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I found this Seminar on the 2ZZ to be informative and for engines in general in regards to wear.

Some take aways
1. If you want a rebuilt motor to last you need to do it right. Many rebuild for power or just because you think you can but you end up shortening the engine life because you can never achieve factory tolerances that come from factory tooling which is key for long term reliability. If you have a 1ZZ stick a low spooling turbo on it and then replace the 1ZZ when it wears out. You can get 100k miles on the street which should last a long time and meet your power goals easily.

2. Just as I suspected the intake cam is the wearable part on the 2ZZ. Over time it will make the 2ZZ lose power as it wears. Once I replaced my intake cam it felt like my car gained 10hp and I did see the wear on the old cam compared to a new one. This means that oil selection and proper warm up is paramount.

3. These guys make a blueprinted and balanced 2ZZ engine that does not make that much over a factory 2ZZ.  It would be a smooth engine but it's not very good value. It's still cheaper to get another 2ZZ with low miles or go 2AR or K20.

 It's nice to know that the 2ZZ will have options for many years funded by lotus owners that have deep pockets and who knows maybe 2ZZ cores that are not damaged will go up in value as a result so we can swap to something else.