Front&Rear Camber and Toe East Midlands

Started by Pierce, January 6, 2023, 17:48

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After having a new subframe fitted,which was a pig to do even though the garage had done them before, I was looking  for someone to reset the toe/camber etc. to the 'fast B road' set-up that I like.
Tyrex in Shepshed did the job for £48 though this did not include the castor or SAI (what is that?) that were done last time I had it set up.
The car feels just as it did before.


Unless you have eccentric camber bolts installed, there is only toe adjustment front and rear. There is no simple way of adjusting castor.

The camber bolts I've seen were of pretty poor quality and I wouldn't use them.

It helps to check that the subframe is properly centered, though the scope for it being 'off' is not great.
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SAI , steering axis inclination.

Can the SAI be adjusted?
It is not an adjustable angle and should not change unless something is bent (like the strut, steering knuckle or spindle) or is out of position (like the strut tower, lower control arm, engine cradle or subframe). › ...


The castor reading usually lets you know if the car was in an accident or any bent or worn components.
It is not really that hard to set up the alignment on this car. As long as the operator is not lazy.