Hardtop squeaks

Started by bobbe, January 22, 2023, 17:56

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This is not coming from the latches, which are all as far as I can tell are tight and noise free

I'm getting some pretty bad squeaking coming from the hardtop. It sounds like this: https://voca.ro/1aoVqjks4j4h

It seems to be from the back of the stowed soft top gradually coming unfolded a bit and rubbing on the bottom of the inside rear of the hardtop. If I reach back there and sort of manually fold the soft top out of the way then the noise stops, but before long the soft top works its way out again and starts rubbing and squeaking

Has anyone encountered this before? If so, any advice on dealing with it?

I plan to silicon grease the rubber trim on the bottom of the hardtop in the hope that softens it up and stops the noise. Also: the soft top ear strap isn't connected, so I'll get that sorted in the hope that it tightens up the soft top when it's folded and holds it far enough away from the hardtop to stop it rubbing. Is that likely to work?

Is there anything else I could be looking to do? There are also a couple of rattles coming from in and around the hard top so I'll be hoping to deal with them while I'm at it. What are the usual suspects for that kind of thing?

Thanks in advance!


Quote from: bobbe on January 22, 2023, 17:56Is there anything else I could be looking to do?
Remove it?

I know. I Know.

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On my 4th h/top, never had any squeaks but a couple have rattled,  seems to be the front catch,s which just dont clamp tight enough. Have wedged a piece of plastic around the pin that the clamp goes around, would prefer something more professional but it works...


Thankfully rattles from the latches aren't a problem. They were a bit loose when I first fitted the hardtop but I was able to tighten them and still have some room to adjust them tighter if needs be down the line


Okay, so I managed to get it to stop squeaking by taking the hardtop off, re-folding the soft top down  making sure everything was tucked away nicely, and putting the hardtop back on

But... I now have a rattle from the driver's side of the folded soft top that is noisy and irritating over bumps. It's difficult to tell if it's from the soft top itself or some other bit of the whole thing back there. It's definitely not the latch, but other than that I just cannot figure out where it's from. I can poke about a bit in and around the soft top, or in the sides of the rear storage bins, or wherever, and the noise will stop. Then five, ten, sometimes 15 minutes later it comes back. A little bit at first, then gradually getting worse. And there doesn't seem to be any pattern to why it stops or why it comes back. I can poke about at one bit of the soft top or in the storage bin and it will go away, and then I will drive around thinking I have maybe finally - finally! - solved it... and then it comes back

Needless to say this is driving me insane

Does anyone have any idea what this might be, or what I could do to stop it? I can't take the hardtop off again as there is only one of me (I had a friend staying the weekend so was able to rope him in to helping me, but there won't have anyone else around to help for a few months) so I'm hoping it's something I can fix without doing that


Have a look at this post - I had an annoying rattle for ages:


That's something I'd never have thought of, thanks! I guess if it's the cable running behind the seat I don't need to take the bins out to get at it?


You don't need to remove the bins, just remove the door which should be enough to release the top edge of the carpet so you can reach the cable.


Great, thanks! I'm going to remove a few other bits of trim to see if I can spot anything, so I'll do this too


I too have an annoying squeak or rattle noticable behind me when I go over bumps or uneven road surface. I have been unable to attempt to prod or touch any part of the soft top because I am the only driver.
I intend removing the hard top for a drive on Sunday so will see if the noise disappears. Unfortunately though it may be difficult to hear or isolate due to the extra noise from wind road and engine.


So it turns out you can take the hardtop off by yourself (and it's not very difficult: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLD1WkEpU7c). I got it off and put the soft top up and took it for a drive to see if it was still rattling. It was! So, not a hardtop problem.

So next weekend I'll start stripping trim out and see if I can get to the bottom of this (I am tempted to remove the soft top entirely at some point, but that can wait).

On the plus side, figuring out how to take the hardtop off by myself will be great for summer. So, the rattling is very frustrating but at least I've learned something useful


Warning!!! Make sure when handling the hardtop you are not wearing any jewellery (rings or watches) or clothes with buckles/buttons exposed.
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I generally don't, but that seems like good advice!


Well, my experiment worked - sort of.

Removed the hard top and went out for about five hours. Not one rattle so definitely ht related. Just have to figure out where the noise is coming from now but difficult from the drivers seat. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Can the clasps be adjusted (tightened) as they seemed to grasp the car far too easily today!


Do you have any idea what location the rattle is coming from? It's not always easy to tell, but if you're in the driver's seat, is it directly behind you, behind the passenger seat, etc

There's not a lot to rattle with the hardtop itself other than the latches. It could also be the hardtop heater cable rattling around a bit (if you have one?)