Steering UJ rubber sleeve/gaiter

Started by Mollydog, January 22, 2023, 21:19

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Any recommendation where I can pick up a steering UJ rubber sleeve/Gaiter from, or what I could make use of to fit in it's place?

For this UJ old the steering rack



I made one for mine out of a motorcycle fork gaiter.  (As far as I know it was the first one made). 
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I still have these available, let me know if you'd be interested in one :)
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Gaz mr-s

I've used some stout polythene wrapped around & cable ties top & bottom on 3 cars.


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Thank you for the offer Snelbaard,(and all the other helpful posters too)

On my way to pick up some anti freeze for the MR2 yesterday, I happen to pass by our local motorbike dealer so thought I'd pop in and see about motorbike fork gaiters

I ended up buying one (had to buy a pair) the size I went for is ID 35mm x ID 55mm x 120mm long, when I get round to fitting it I plan on putting a spot of grease in it too