2AR-FXE Lexus Hybrid Synergy engine swap project.

Started by threepot, November 4, 2022, 22:59

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I need a manifold, but there isn't a huge selection of 2AR-FXE Hybrid nx400h Lexus exhausts on the market  :)) There is one for sale, in the USA, on the Frankenstein website here https://frankensteinmotorworks.squarespace.com/shop/2ar-fe-header

But I'm sure I can do far more jankie bodgeness than anything like that! I've never actually fabricated a manifold before, nor do I own a mandrel pipe/tube bender, and I can't TIG weld. So everything is on my side for a premium finish. So I came up with this scheme, bought an el'cheapo manifold for a similar engine, and it did sort of fit with a bit of redrilling of the flange... for testing purposes.

And then today, I took a grinder to it, and turned that lovely 4-1 manifold into this clutch of components...

When you add up buying elbows, the lambda boss and that 4-1 collector etc, it's far more cost effective to do this, and you actually get some nice bends that are just perfect for the application.

Then I've drawn out a proper flange that will actually fit the cylinder head correctly... I did cheat a bit, I took the Toyota gasket, cleaned it up then painted it matt black, then put it in my flat bed scanner. Bit if photoshop and into a drawing package... trace bitmap to vector drawing... imported that DXF into CAD, then modified the drawing to have proper round holes and some other little changes here and there. After that I've now got a proper CAD drawing of the flange, which has been sent to the Laser cutters, so a new flange will turn up in a weeks time, then I can attempt to weld this exhaust back together.