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Started by carl_evs, April 12, 2007, 20:08

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Hey all. This idea was brought up in another thread and is a cracking idea.

Any member who has an OBD II Code reader and is happy to help out other members get readings when they're having problems, please add your name and location on this thread (which will be a sticky).

Anyone thats needs help, look up a member near you, send them a PM and see if they are able to help!

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Members with Diagnostic Code Readers (OBDII)

Note; These readers are only compatible with UK/EU/ or US market cars.
Japanese Domestic Market cars use a different communications protocol. See post above if you own a JDM vehicle and need a diagnostic code reading.

(list best viewed at full width in your internet browser - Dont forget to scroll down the list to find all the members)

Roars                        Shefford                           Bedfordshire
UKTotty (Russ)               Newbury                            Berkshire
aaronjb                      Slough                             Berkshire
garethrees                   Wokingham                          Berkshire
onion86                                                         Bristol
Heath Stimpson               Milton Keynes                      Buckinghamshire
Sar                          Milton Keynes                      Buckinghamshire
blade900                     Peterborough                       Cambridgeshire
MRS RED                                                         Cheshire
mr2 new boy (Chris)          Widnes                             Cheshire
NickNJ                       Warrington                         Cheshire
rmowbray                     Warrington                         Cheshire
erringtonk                   Consett                            Co. Durham
northernalex                 Cramlingham                     Co. Durham
Kier                         Blandford                          Dorset
Iggy                         Burton On Trent                    Derbyshire
Bossman23780(Chris)          Chesterfield                       Derbyshire
Warrenf (Wozza)              Ripley                             Derbyshire
Normah                       East                               Sussex
wbarrwebster                                                    Essex
Ekona (Dan)                  Braintree or Stansted Airport      Essex
Liz                          Braintree or Stansted Airport      Essex
normanh                                                         Essex
Nelix                        Paisley                            Glasgow
projectneon (Perry)          Gloucester                         Gloucestershire
Tomkin (Neil)                Hanwell                            Grtr London
Matt                         West London                        Grtr London
Graeme                       Basingstoke                        Hampshire
Hugo (Tony)                  Fareham                            Hants
lazey_boy                    Watford                            Hertforshire
Kaiser                       Cork                               Ireland
Ernie Ball                   Dublin                             Ireland
Chris                        Dartford                           Kent
Jigwar                       Maidstone                          Kent
nyeregis                     Sandwich                           Kent
neilb                        Accrington                         Lancashire
CdRsKuLL (Steve)             Bolton                             Lancashire
Stewarty (Stewart)           Lancaster                          Lancashire
Cadde                        South Leicester                    Leicestershire
dave_5151 (dave)             Barton Upon Humber                 Lincolnshire
anthony82                    Grimsby                            Lincolnshire
Jaik                                                            Manchester
Wabbitkilla                  Skipton                            North Yorkshire
Mikelrob                     Carrickfergus                      Northern Ireland
worzy (Ben)                  Norwich                            Norfolk
carl_evs                     Mansfield                          Nottinghamshire
delrey                       Nottingham                         Nottinghamshire
roger                        Bicester                           Oxfordshire
Muffdan                      Carterton                          Oxfordshire
SimonC_here                  Oxford                             Oxfordshire
davidgwilkinson              Bonnybridge                        Scotland (Central)
Kool PT                      Aberdeen                           Scotland
VVT-i                                                           Scotland (Central)
Slacey                       Telford                            Shropshire
Spynish (Alberto)            Alicante                           Spain
FGRob (Rob)                  Leek                               Staffordshire
DeeJ                         Stoke on Trent                     Staffordshire
Pam-MR2Only                  Stoke On Trent                     Staffordshire
olliex1                      Bridgewater                        Somerset
tommyd                       Cobham                             Surrey
DCS777                       Farnham                            Surrey
RacingSnake (Geoff)          Morden                             Surrey
Kanujunkie (Stu)             Redhill                            Surrey
philster D                                                      Surrey
Matt (MattE)                 Bridgend                           Wales (South)
dipper84                     Merthyr Tydfil                     Wales (South)
Amy                          Pembrokeshire                      Wales (South)
tennisfreak                  Halesowen                          West Midlands
NathanMR2                    Stourbridge                        West Midlands
Leeber                       Horsham                            West Sussex
shanehttc                    Hull                               Yorkshire
DaveC                        Skipton                            Yorkshire
Les                          Sproatley (East of Hull)           Yorkshire
gavw71                       Pontefract/Wakefield               Yorkshire
Turbotrucker                 Rotherham                          Yorkshire

Please PM any members you feel many be able to help you, and only post in this thread if you wish to be added to it.  Once added, your original post  will then be deleted to keep this thread on topic and free of clutter.


EDIT: Sept '09 Lots more added to the list
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Ex 2007 Mazda 6 MPS in Mica Black
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For an interactive map of members with code readers, Click Here

We'll try to keep it regularly updated. Additional details and direct link to PM are in the pipeline too   s8) 8) s8)  

(Thanks to Jaik for developing and updating the map, and to Grant for maintaining the listing)
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Thanks for these additions people.

Final call for any more in time for the next update - Jaik will hopefully be in a position to renew the interactive map when his current work commitments ease up a little.

For those without a reader who wish to be added to a locations map, please see the topic sticky in the feedback section. Thanks.
1999 MR-S with added C2 POWΣR

Humbled recipient of the Perry Byrnes memorial trophy (2007 & 2011)


You can add me to this list Ste,just got myself one of these they seem really good value.
 m ... 1412wt_939 m


I've got one that allows you to reset all the codes apart from the Service lights on most cars, Based in Epsom, Surrey Happy to Help anyone if I can ( works on all Cars with ODB II ports)


Can I add my name to the list? Adam from Telford, Shropshire
[size=85]2004 Sable MR2 Roadster - Track toy
Honda Civic EX 1.0T - Company Car


Chris (Gif)  Newport  Wales (South)
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Ex MR2 Roadster, Sahara Sun, Black Leather, Air Con, TTE exhaust


Can add me, Brad from Tillingham, Essex
EX SP240 gone, BMW Z4M gone, Audi s3 + something else arriving soon


I may be a bit far afield but I'm in Union County, New Jersey, USA.  s:mrgreen: :mrgreen: s:mrgreen:


Even if it was 'old Jersey, UK' you'd still be a long way away   s:lol: :lol: s:lol:
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Another far afield member. I am in New England, not Jolly Old England. However, if someone in my area needs OBD II reader help, I will. I am in the Mount Washington Valley region of New Hampshire in the New England region of the USA. My wife has a 2002 MR2. Toyota calls them Spyders here, instead of Roadsters. This group has some excellent how-to postings, thanks!!

Chris 180SX

You can add me   s:D :D s:D   I'm in Blackburn, Lancashire


You can add me, location, Letchworth, Hertfordshire


You can add me if you want. Me and my ODBII reader is ready to help anyone with MR2 Spyder on the trip around Cental Europe   s:) :) s:)
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  • Toyota MR2 Mark III (black magic) alias B*tch (new short block and many engine parts, new leather seats, new carpets, moded windshield, che\'s header, de-cated downpipe, TRD short shifter, TRD shift knob, Braille racing battery, Tanabe Sustek strut bars, MWR flywheel, JNZ SS brake lines (brake fluid Motul RBF600), darkday\'s frunksaver, dev\'s de-dimplator, minor weight reductions, etc.
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  • Toyota FJ Cruiser alias my Dream


Hi all.... Can You add me.....Hornsea. East Yorkshire
Russell Cannell
53 MR2 silver with bodykit & carbon spoiler. Hass Turbo 225bhp 260 Nm Torque.


can you add me epsom surrey thanks


Scangauge II in and around Doncaster, South Yorkshire (Old Englandshire).


I've got a Launch Creader and I'm in North Bristol about 10mins from the M4/M5 Almondsbury junction

Mad Matt

You can add me too:

South of Brussels, Belgium.


Quote from: "cclarke99"I've got a Launch Creader and I'm in North Bristol about 10mins from the M4/M5 Almondsbury junction
So DOES this work with JOBD like they say it will?


Please add me......james morris (Jamfe355) - wellingborough northants
2002 balck MR2, Eibach springs, Apexi exhaust system, corky\'s, cusco front and rear brace, lower front tie bar,  Bmc carbon air filter plus some minor tweeks.


add me to the list, jon,  Southend on Sea, Essex.
black 2000 roadster | devs keyhole covers | devs tbl visor | pre-cats removed | crystal side repeaters with chrome surrounds | lt short antenna | jdm front badge | jdm wheel centres | mr2roc sticker |
and lots more to do!


add me to the list if you like, Mac tools et50 (nothing special but does the job....) close to manchester airport.   s:D :D s:D


Please add me to the list. Just bought an ELM327 thingy that is used in conjunction with a laptop. Using EasyOBDII software and it seems to work fine. Cost £25 from ebay.

Preston, Lancashire.

Anyone with an OBDII compatible car is welcome to plug in to this, I don't want people paying £40+ (probably more at Mr T) like I did for a simple code read   s:D :D s:D
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