My Sable 2005 - C-One Kitted + C2 Turbo

Started by onion86, April 4, 2012, 00:19

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Well, now that you've seen the light maybe we'llbe seeing some more of you!


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There's a blast from the past Stu.
Good to see you back

Hopefully you can put some more miles on next year :)
...neutiquam erro.


Always loved this car, great to see it out in the open again!
Amazing the transformation of adding new headlights.
Hopefully you can enjoy the car a bit over the next year
Another one won't hurt  .....


One of the first build threads I encountered before even buying my own car.
Good to see an update and Mable being treated to new set of headlights.
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 :) lights make so much of difference to stand out from there others 8)
i think if you keep them in the box and put them up for sale  them you may doubled your money now :))  :))