Alex's 2ZZ Swapped MR2 Roadster

Started by Alex Knight, September 1, 2013, 08:26

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Alex Knight

Wheels off today for a brake and tyre wear inspection check - all good.

The pads are about half worn, I'm very pleased with the wear rate on the CarboTech XP10s. I'd have had to have changed them already if I was still using Yellowstuff.

AD08RS tyres have huge life left in them. I'd estimate that they are still on 5-6mm tread all round. Amazing really.

Also gave me a chance to deep clean the wheels. Came up lovely. I bought these wheels new in 2014 and they still look good today.

Alex Knight

Yesterday marked the last drive of this year - a lovely blast up the A93.

As of today, it is SORN for 6 months. I've not done this before, but I just can't bear the thought of such a clean car being subjected to the scottish winter, so it's tucked away in the garage for now.

Rest assured it's going to be cleaned to within an inch of it's life, inside, outside and underneath.


 :(  :( night night for 6 months then is it :(


Just tucked away mine yesterday...:-(


Sad time of year, but it does look very cosy!
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Alex Knight

I couldn't tuck the car away dirty, obviously, but the weather wasn't playing ball.

Had some sunshine today, so I've given it a quick once over. No polish or wax, just a wash.

Came up nice, and gives me a good platform to get a full paint correction done soon.


Polished or not that is shiny to my eyes


 :) that is one good clean while the sun was out fair play :)
looking good love to see what its like looking with a bit  dress to impress  :))  :))