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Thanks for looking into setting up a Reader's Ride page!

As you may be aware, this section was added in August 2015, long after the introduction of the Garage and existing topics with people's progress.
The introduction of this was proposed by a member and championed by the Committee as a place to put all of people's progress journals in one place.

The Garage is a great place to keep a running tab of your modifications, their costs, services, insurance details etc. There are no plans to remove this.
Your Reader's Ride is a running log of any noteworthy activities relating to your car.

If you already have an existing topic in which you post your updates there are two options:
1) Open the existing topic, edit posts you want to keep and copy-paste the contents from the edit box into a new topic in your Reader's Ride
2) Start a new Reader's Ride and simply reference your "old" one via a link.

Please take note of the Forum Rules at the top of the Reader's Rides area.

Happy journal-ing!

Your Committee
...neutiquam erro.