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Started by ale_rx, May 17, 2023, 11:27

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hi everyone,

i'm alex and this is my 2004 mr2..

long story short:
october 22
i've only saw one here in northern italy and i was in intrigued by a rear wheel drive light car.. so i contacted someone from a local mr2 owners club that arranged me a meet and a small drive that made me fell in love with this little car.
1 week later i drove 300km to see a gray 2001 one which i almost bought, but since i dont like impulsive shopping i told the seller that i wanted to think about it a little more.
then boom, i fount this 2004 blue 6 speed also with the hard top. called the seller, made a small ride to see if everything was ok and brought her home.

car was stock except for the wheels painted dark gray..
couple thousand km and i absolutely love this little thing, there's no need to tell how fun this car is to drive on twisty roads..

here's my blue frog


since i like to get my hands dirty, and read here and there about the precat fail especially on the pfl ones to be on the safe side i bought a toyosports header and a double exit malyan exhaust..
i love the sound it makes, not too loud just lovely
now i know that, at least here in my local mr2 club, malyan is a brand that people dont love, but for now it was the cheapest option, hassle free to fit..

here's my blue frog


 :) looks like you have found a good 1 and enjoying it which is more important :)
any other plans now 8) 


Quote from: puma2 on May 18, 2023, 07:11:) looks like you have found a good 1 and enjoying it which is more important :)
any other plans now 8) 

oh yeah i enjoy it a lot, at the point that i'm using it more than the daily  ;D  ;D

so, since i always wanted a more better looking disc i changed my stock ones (which btw i kept because they were in excellent condition) with 4 mtec dimpled and grooved discs.
imho they look well..

only downside they rust sooooo fast.. nothing to worry about, but if i knew it before mounting i'd have painted the hub with some heat resistant paint.
maybe i'll do it sooner or later but i'm too lazy and i'm busy with other stuff now..

here's my blue frog


so this week after work and today I had a little time to work on the 2zz

in any case I was planning to do an overhaul so I teared apart the engine and... Surprise  :(  :(

a cylinder had a bit of water inside and formed some sort of rust or corrosion..
is there any chance this cylinder is usable?
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