BC coilover camber plate

Started by M.Dub, October 19, 2023, 13:32

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Hi all,

I'm guessing this is not the correct orientation for the camber plate?

How do I sort this and will it mess up my handling etc?

I have no real reason for correcting it as I don't mess with the camber but if it's an easy fix no I'll sort it.

Also, is there any reason the previous owner would have set them up like this on purpose?

Thanks in advance 🙂

Alex Knight

No, this is not usual, but it's technically not incorrect either.

It's been done to allow more negative camber, even when the camber adjustment is maxed out. A lot of the MR2 racers do this.

To "fix" this, you would need to rotate clockwise 120 degrees.


Thanks for the reply.

If I was to leave it can I still adjust the camber + and - ? My understanding was to adjust I'd have to mover left or right on the plate.

Sorry if this is a daft question, I'm not really up on suspension tbh.

If I was to correct it I'm guessing I'd need to drop the 3 bolts out from the mount and then does the plate rotate alone or do I need to rotate the whole top of the coil over?


Gaz mr-s

Undo the 3 nuts & drop it. The top plate should rotate, it's supported on a bearing.