Headlamp bulb replacement

Started by Mr220Mike, December 3, 2023, 11:45

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Morning all

I know this is a very basic question but how do you get the main beam bulb out for replacement? I've pulled the plug but can't seem to remove the bulb. Is it possible to do it in situ or does the headlight need removing?

Thanks in advance


Once the connector is off, remove the rubber cover on the back of the headlamp.  Inside there is a wire spring clip with one end sticking out. Release that clip and the bulb will now come out very easily.  A good clean of the rubber cover, and spot of light grease (Vaseline) on it's inside. will make it much easier to put back on.
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Which side, its very fiddly, cannot see what you are doing, i did the passenger side one in situ im pretty sure, had a little mirror on a stick, took 2 attempts as i gave up after the first go and tried again a couple of days later.


Fantastic, thanks. It's both sides that need doing. I'll crack on with it today then.