Removing and replacing the heater control unit.

Started by Carolyn, January 30, 2022, 09:53

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This courtesy of Call the midlife:

Removing the control unit isn't a massively difficult job, replacing it is more complicated as you have to make sure the knobs are in particular settings to reset the cables.
First try removing the glovebox door and having a look/feel at the cables to make sure they're all connected and nothing is flopping around.
To remove the control unit pull all the control knobs off and remove the screws holding the finish panel and disconnect the clock.
Disconnect the cables through the glovebox side and then remove the 4 screws, pull the assembly out and disconnect the 2 connectors.
Install is reverse but.
Air inlet to recirc
Temp to max cool
Mode control to face
There's an option to adjust tension on the cables but see if they're connected first.
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