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Started by Craigjm, January 20, 2023, 14:03

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So I bought this car at the back end of October. 117k with full Toyota history back to day 1 including bill of sale, every MOT, every invoice, all the manuals and keys and a very recently fitted Swansea hood. I put four new tyres on it (Michelin Pilot Sport 3) and did a full in depth service changing every fluid and using genuine parts. Wehn having the tyres fitted was able to do a close inspection of the underside and there is no rust at all underneath.

Then I thought I would blast it around until MOT time and in that time I have put 2000 miles on it including the trip home to Leamington with it from Manchester, a trip to Brighton, tow trips to London and a trip to Liverpool so some long distance mile munching.

Yesterday it passed its MOT with one minor of one of the numberplate bulbs being out so very happy with that and MOT is now valid until mid February 2024.

Im going to keep it now that I know its condition and having completed a very good shake down with the long journeys.

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It will need a new set of rear pads and discs shortly and a new exhaust as its starting to show its age. List of jobs to be done over the next 12 months or so then in no particular order.....

New double din stereo with carplay and a new set of speakers - What do I need to fit a standard double din in replacement of the standard unit in terms of surrounds etc?

sort out the stone chips on the bonnet and a couple of small parking dings that will just pull out - any suggestions of somewhere good in Warwickshire / West Midlands?

I am going to refurb the alloys and repaint them in a dark anthracite colour and do the body badges to match all round (get this done at Lepsons)

Refurb the brake calipers and paint them blue and logo them in white (I have a friend in Nottingham that will do a great job of this) - Will keep the brakes standard otherwise as they do a good job

Additional Questions -

Has anyone got a Malian exhaust? How loud are they and do they drone at motorway speeds? I am interested in the bumper exit style. Anyone know anyone decent to fit such in Warwickshire / West Midlands?

Has anyone fitted the Tien lowering springs? What difference did it make to the ride quality?

Has anyone had their seats retrimmed? who did you use and what did you think to the result?


Looks like a good example.

You will need an adaptor to connect the head unit to the toyota connections. Should be easy enough to find on ebay or similar, would have said under £15 maybe?

May be hard to find a surround now but should work without one with a bit of a gap!

I got my bumper exit exhaust from here (in Oxford), highly recommended;

I have Teins on my cars but would now go for H&Rs or Eibachs if I was buying again.

Seat retrims are very expensive!

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keep up the good work and lets us no each time a job is done.


Car needed new pads and discs all round so I decided to get the calipers overhauled and professionally painted. Will be refitted tomorrow with pagid pads and discs all round and new Goodrich hoses



Where did you get those calipers refurbed? Look great!
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Quote from: SuperArt on May  2, 2023, 18:52Where did you get those calipers refurbed? Look great!

They were done by Chris at custom brake calipers in Nottingham. He has done a few of my cars full refurb and paint. He has forgotten the logos on these so will be adding Toyota in white soon. These are painted in Ford imperial blue


Has anyone had any dealings with Camil at T4cs recently? Cant seem to get a reply