Refurb brake calipers recommendations

Started by PaddyDT, July 8, 2023, 00:33

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After 12 years of running my much loved but in need of tenderness 2004 TTE, I've been lucky enough, despite all the challenges of babies and now teenagers, to still own it and not sell but to take it off the road, and be able to give it some love back.

First jobs will be new clutch, and whilst at it I thought replace the rear calipers and handbrake cables (will be done by trusted garage). These are pretty shot though not quite at fail.

Can anyone recommend suppliers of
1 refurbed caliper suppliers. I've seen some on ebay at around £160 for a pair of rears. Any good? Or something else.
2. Hand brake cables

Going to do the softop after. Swansea?

Also noticed these guys.... anyone got experience?


 :) roof experxance that is were i got my roof done :)
i speak on experxance and would recommend Nathan if i remember his  name right :)
he help me out a lot when i was there.

i to have 2004 and have done all brake work the whole way through apart from the cables.
most people say just get them from MR T  :)  :)

some have fitted other with problems and so have not so you take your chance. :-[
plus may depend on who fit them.


I have been happy with brakeparts international for calipers on 2 cars.

Genuine handbrake cables are the best, you could try and see if TCB parts have them perhaps?

@puma2 roof is better than my swansea one and I am sure the waiting list is shorter too.
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Blueprint cables here, good quality.

Never had any issues.


Bought new caliphers Advantage for £127 a pair for the rears , brand new American make lovely finish working well. Look back in the forum plenty of info detailed. Cables I bought one fro MR2Ben no issues was about £40 ish plus postage.

Norman  £129 a pair brand new no reconditioned


I bought Ridex rear calipers from Autodoc. Gone through 2 MOTs now, handbrake still working very well. Would buy again.