Hood not closing flat above doors

Started by SilentMiaow, August 11, 2023, 13:41

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I was putting my hood up yesterday and it felt like it caught on something. I know sometimes the parcel shelf strings/rear window section etc sometimes catch so I lowered it back down and up a little way gently a few times and though the main thing it seemed to be catching on released, it was still stiffer than usual, and when I got out I saw it was like this on both sides. Unfortunately I was away from home in a not entirely safe location so I had to leave it secured shut. I am now home and am hoping it will be a reasonably simple and hopefully DIY fix!!

It looks like maybe the strap that holds the ears in has caught perhaps? My current plan is to open the hood enough to get some slack then fiddle around and see if I can feel anything obvious. I do have an inspection camera if needs be...

But if anyone's had this issue before and can give me any pointers I'd very much appreciate it!

Thanks all!


Looks like the strap that is supposed to pull the "ears" in when the hood is down, is caught on the rails.
Undo the roof half way down and you can see the strap which is supposed to be joint to a longer strap to the opposite side with velcro and push button.


Its possible that the strap that runs between both sides has become detached and is caught up in the hinge of the hood frame, I had this happen many moons ago. The strap fixes to a press stud on each side.