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Reader's Rides / Re: '00 track car
Last post by AJRFulton - Yesterday at 22:38
Engine runs. Seems fine.

Got it warm (not hot) and did a compression test. Getting about 160-170psi across all 4 cylinders - a little lower than I'd like but tolerable - but then the rebuilt engines were all getting +200psi, so that's wear for you.

Away now for the weekend. Will move back onto it next week
Reader's Rides / Re: Mentos, the 2001 MR2
Last post by tadekk - Yesterday at 22:05
14 Jul 2024 32,957

Replaced the gearbox oil with Redline MT-90. Speedo plug wasn't playing ball, so I had to do it "properly" ;) This might have been better, since I had 100ml leftover from 2 bottles (i.e. 2 qrts would be too much).

The forum "how to" was confusing about what is the filler plug. The only one I could find on my 2001 box was the 24mm one (identical to the drain one).

TBH can't tell a massive difference in shifting, but it's one less thing to worry about after 20 years :)
@Rocket Monkey

As above.
The same lock on the floor that prevents the fuel door opening.
The lock on the drivers floor by the sill?

Thanks for your advice. That's why I was hesitant to go at it blind.
Hard to be sure from your description but I think you will have to take the bumper off to get the trim off without risk of damage. The coloured trim pieces are attached to the grill pieces next to them and come off together as a unit. This piece is attached to the bumper by lots of plastic clips all the way around which you will see once you get the bumper off. You push the trim inwards to release the clips.
Reader's Rides / Re: Mentos, the 2001 MR2
Last post by tadekk - Yesterday at 10:48
Quote from: Ardent on July 17, 2024, 17:30They revised it with a rib that runs along the back edge.
Nice find, do you know the part # and if it would fit a PFL? Not a priority today but it will bug me one day :)
The plate itself is (but well stuck too) but would you know how the trim behind is located? The shaped body coloured pieces each end
seem well secured to the black plastic mesh too.
From memory I think the plate is only held on by the screws. On an fl anyway
I need to get the reat number plate and surround off and have concerns about snapping off plastic retaining lugs which are probably brittle now. Sorry, basic question but can someone point me to where the lugs and any hidden "others" are? (Someone ran into the back today and forced the rear camera up between the top edge and the bodywork and it's stuck!)