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Started by markiii, February 5, 2004, 18:26

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Quote from: puma2 on April 27, 2022, 07:42:) now this year i  used Airsports insurance Bureau .
the same cover as last year with A plan .
this years price £240.

the renewal was close to £300 with A plan

Airsports are defiantly worth a go for quote and was the best i could get but i cancelled them for certain reasons to myself.

Now with Chris Knott with a  agreed value for this year at £8000 for £300
£250 excess underwriter Highway

The Other Stu

So mine has gone up considerably since changing to a 2ZZ.
Highway requote with Greenlight was going to be £293. I've managed to get it down to £270 using Flux (no-one else could get near).

Quite annoying when I see people getting £105 for a 1ZZ. It's not that different - car is fairly standard other than the engine now (old one wasn't).

I'm 50, full NCB, it's a 2nd car and insured for only 5k a year. I live in a "Green" area (low insurance) and apparently being a "club" member, it can lower the insurance by 20%.

Whereas my daily has 1 years NCB. It's a Mercedes with not dissimilar BHP, miles more torque and is insured for lots of miles (12k I think?) including business mileage.

Costs me £236 (Off the top of my head).