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Quote from: H1GRM on April  8, 2022, 15:03He was not talking about the car as pre August 1975 which I think is what you may be referring to by saying they are no where near old enough. My understanding, possibly wrong was that there were 2 emissions program's to conduct the test (not miss it all together).

Could be all bullsh*t but I have known the guy for 30 years + and would say he is a decent and honest business owner with a very good reputation.

DVSA Emissions Standards
It seems that cars manufactured/registered before September 2002 need to have both CO and (HC)³ measured but from that date onwards only CO is measured. If I've read it right (table on page 12).

Perhaps that's what he's referring to?
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Yes my 2 has just had its MOT done and both CO and HC3 were tested but then she was built in 2000 :o
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Based on Euro emissions standards. The mr2 is Euro-3

It goes by when the car was introduced, not when your car rolled off the line.

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