Southern Belle

Started by Petrus, December 19, 2018, 19:35

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Had time to take photos.
Mind it is without adjusting a bit more to the sides.
Will take two on the road when adjusted.

The voltage remains exactly the same at 2k revs and up.

Here´s one on my drive straight after fitting, no adjustment at all. Only the left adds sóme more enlightenment but not all that much more left/right; no nude wood nympf caught. Will try again.


That's down to the fog lights?
Have you got a link to the aftermarket type you installed?

My DRL (Ring) have recently stopped working ,so rather than replace them I would consider an alternative fog lights
stock 2001 green MR-S
stock 2003 solar yellow(currently for Sale, but ....)


Quote from: Gibla on October 27, 2022, 10:18That's down to the fog lights?
Have you got a link to the aftermarket type you installed?

My DRL (Ring) have recently stopped working ,so rather than replace them I would consider an alternative fog lights


Adjusted, tried, tested.
More of an improvement than the photos show.
Especially the path is way broader and better lit. Móre so than on the wall. The tree on the left was hardly visible with the dipped beams only and lit up with the fogs. Maybe the camera of the mobile phone automatically tones it down to the same enlightenment? On the foggy photo there is a ´shade´ in the middle which of course in nót there. Same thing the top of the headlights is less intense on the photos with the foggies on. Hence I think the camera turns the whick down a bit.
Anyway, the wall shows the difference clearly enough despite being toned down from the real difference as seen by the eye and brain.

No still no nude wood nymph. The resident one was in praying mantis mode and thus best not ask the non resident one to make an appearance either...


quite impressive


A lovely sweet Chinese lady friend commented on the lettersign in the side decal. If I knew what it meant. I did not to my  :-*
But then I thought it is Japanese and know of no Japanese speaker. Simply never occured to me that it could be Chinese in a Manga figure.
Anywy, it is a simplified Chinese sign for ´Lucky Dragon´.
Could not be better fitting because

have had a Lucky Dragon figurine on the dash for 20 years.  Serendipity it is. Encountering the lady maybe too


News Flash: Dutchman living in Southern Spain has Welsh connections!


Quote from: Joesson on November  4, 2022, 09:09News Flash: Dutchman living in Southern Spain has Welsh connections!

There were dragons in China long even before* the first sapiens arrived in Wales. Which was from the iberian peninsula btw. via the then not thát nether netherlands  :))  Quite interesting those earliest migrations. The west of what is now the british isles seem to have been colonised from the south west of europe whereas the east from the italian side.
Probably subsequent waves. The much later beaker culture found p.e. at Stonehenge area came from central europe.
The climate btw had then some wármer periods than today and noooooo EVs  :)) 
* both the dragon and griffon myths appear to be based in the great abundance of dinosaur bones all over China and Mongolia.


Fitted the blíng mirrors



Like that. Looks the mutts nutts.


#1 son and resident charming both think it horribly conspicuous. Like the whole car is not  ::)
Their vehement rejection did help me to decide to buy the matching set of chrome door handles  :P
There is a cunning plan behind it even  ;D   Not all that serious, very much tongue in cheek, but will still actually dó it. Excute the plan that is  :)) 


You can't beat a bit of bling  8)
Say it with love, say it with flowers but never, never, say it in writing.

Not perfect and not cheap :)


Quote from: TheTigerUK on November 22, 2022, 18:30You can't beat a bit of bling  8)

But, but... just wrote the family beats it!  ;)
I will get my own though, with the bling upgrade mounted come nice sunny winter weather days  :))


Welcome to "Club Bling" 👍
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Quote from: Bernie on November 22, 2022, 20:08Welcome to "Club Bling" 👍

Already had the interior ´stealthely´ blinged with chrome details ;) and being SMT it already had a Ferrariesque bling selector grid.
Have a great photo showing it all but there is a very much distracting and too recogniseable nude in it as well  ::)


Recognisable, we already know what you look like.


Quote from: Ardent on November 23, 2022, 23:34Recognisable, we already know what you look like.

Aye, but it is ´Bubbly´ and better respect her privacy.

Thismorning tries to find the access road up to the Osborne Bull in Almayate. Good thing I had the foresight to do the reconaisance with the SUV because would have been scary/hairy with the MR2 and it led to nothing. Since China Girl lives at 5 km may have another opportunity.

Oh and the door handles are at customs.