Original soft top roof.

Started by bobmcc13, June 4, 2022, 16:30

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What is the best way to care for an original vinyl soft top.

Any help would be appreciated "cos the roof is getting quite dirty.

Thanks in advance.

Bob McC.


I believe good ole fashioned soapy water.
Poss a nail brush.
Fenwick awning spray is good for removing green algea type stuff.

Putting love back into it. Renovo (spelling?) Is highly regarded as well as aerospace 303.


I believe the soapy water and nail brush are suggested by Mr T , rinse well and dry and then I use the Aerospace 303.


I used a product called Forever Black-Black top. It worked quite well and restored the blackness back to the vinyl. Just have to wait and see how long it lasts. Quite expensive though, £33 from Amazon.


Autoglym bumpercare gel I use to keep the material Supple
** FL Sable Grey **
** Ex TTE Turbos **
Another one won't hurt  .....


I used Renovo International RVP5001121 Vinyl Ultra Proofer on my recent purchase. One of the cars that I saw had an odd texture possibly because it had been coated in something in attempt to keep the water out because it was in poor condition and had a fair few holes.

You can see my results here:
2001 Toyota Liquid Silver (1D0) with hard top & original soft top.
Yokohama AD08RS all round.
Replacement manifold, BC coil overs,
Whiteline anti roll bars front & rear & Ultra Racing front strut brace.
Location = East Hampshire, UK