Key thoroughly cleaned 🙄

Started by BARNPOT2000, August 23, 2022, 22:19

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Well,  I know Toyotas are known to be reliable! Couldn't find my key,  looked everywhere,  thought someone  had stolen it. Turned out it was left in my trouser pocket,  went through  the washing machine,  hung out to dry on the line and it still works. Some what relieved,  and also surprised at the resilience of the key. Just saying 😎.
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Never mind the key, I am amazed at the battery!
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Quote from: Topdownman on August 24, 2022, 08:07Never mind the key, I am amazed at the battery!

Water is not all that good a conductor and the battery voltage very low thus water does not short it.
Per example if a vehicle gets under water, the lighting will almost always keep working till the (cold) water reaches the bulbs and the temp. shock cracks them. The water does not short the battery.


In the 80's on business I visited a troubled children's home and my pocket calculator was taken (on loan I'm sure!) from my coat pocket that I'd left in the reception area.
"Don't worry it will turn up and we will post it to you" I was told.
It did turn up, after the weekly wash, and was returned, but for whatever reason that calculator, although exceedingly clean, did not function afterwards!

A similar incident in an elderly persons home resulted in my keys being borrowed by one of the residents who tried to escape from the building using them, but the staff knew the likely escapee and retrieved them.


I referred to your observation about the battery.
Electronics can be quite a bit more sensitive if powered up.