Export data by Torque

Started by lucachiavarini, September 29, 2022, 15:12

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I need to work with raw data and analyze it on my PC.
1) Does Torque provide API that allows me to access the raw data?
2) Can I download, by Torque, data in one of the common formats (csv, json, xml, etc.)?

Thank you in advance!


Torque is free so no cost to find out.

Q2, yes it does export csv

Q1, api?


The "API" for Torque is OBD2 :)
Whatever is output to CSV is the raw data.

If you want the raw bit stream then you want to get an OBD2 plug, an Arduino and get coding :) But be warned, the refresh rate of the MR2 ecu is shocking. It's basically once per second.
If you want "proper" readings, you'll need to tap straight into the sensor wires.

I used an eManage Blue for this as it taps into MAF, injector, ignition, throttle and crank. You could then splice the output from the o2 sensor wires as well and input them into the emanage and use that to log o2 data at millisecond level
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