Me and my MR2

Started by Petrus, October 10, 2022, 10:42

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Had an appointment for x-rays in the neighbouring town.
Just a few inoffensive looking clowds in predominantly clear blue, so left the top and windows down for a leisurely drive.
Not even 100 metres on the tarmac a tractor driver hoots and waves with enthusisam and a broad smile; Paco from ip road.
One km. and turn right on the T crossing.
Someone in a grey van flashing lights and waving. Don´t recognise him nor the car.
Just across the crest not even 1 km further same thing but a greenish one. Ditto.
Next is the roundabout; to the side a handful of cyclists waving and shouting cheering me on to flóg it. They are from the local club so I oblige. Rubbers are still chilly so just needs a flip of the loud pedal.

Could go on but the crux is clear. This delightfully unpretentious little cabrio provokes smiles; active reactions. Imo the keyword is ´unpretentious´. I really, réally like this ´only a toyota´ aspect of the car.
Apart from it being spritely sporty, I think this is what I most enjoy of it. That i creates no distance, even breaks ice. Yesterday on the terrace the waitress asked about what ´De kikker´ is about. The guests at the next table too; if the exhaust top emulates a cat. So ok, that is details of mý car, but the crux is the no-threshold. Yes, I like that.