Coming out of hibernation! But possibly not for long. How are MR2's selling?

Started by stupink, October 25, 2022, 17:48

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My Mr2 has sat in my garage now for a few weeks over 3years!

I let the MOT expire because the handbrake cables needed doing, and I needed to replace the CAT in the exhaust for MOT, and it's a custom (aka I made it) stainless system so my laziness hit me and I just SORN her.

I have a water leak somewhere that also needs tracking down, probably front RAD to replace then I can mot her and get her back on the road for a bit of fun.

Longterm, I think she's going though; I have my heart set on a replacement weekend car, and she would pay the deposit! But I have been out the scene for a long time now, and she's a bit of an odd one, so the thought of selling is both heart-breaking after all my work, and troublesome.

She's a custom turbo build.
I have the Car, plus two spare 1zz engines, and a spare gearbox, and a brand-new paddle clutch that was £400+ unfitted

the cars a 2002, neither good condition nor tatty per-se, aka it looks good from 10m away, 299HP on the rollers, but that was without a CAT installed.
custom exhaust, manifold, ally baffled sump, uprated fuel pump, webber fuel reg, large injectors, Emanage ultimate, Racelogic traction control, wideband, underbody braces, lower springs, braded brakes, charge cooler, pro race alloys and AD08 tyres, Poly bushes all round, roll centre ajust kit.. paddle clutch (according to previous owner) etc etc etc etc.. how on earth do you sell something like that.  I don't have the parts to return her to standard and sell everything individually, but I just can't see I'd find a buyer that wants everything as it is.  I tried to do a search, but so few custom turbos seem to be sold, and most that do are in immaculate shells, this one has trolly dinks all over etc.. nothing bad, but they are there none the less.  probably 55-60k overall.

Can't wait to get her back on the road and start to put some time back into her, but ultimately she needs to move on, as I simply won't use her once I get my new car (if, still need a lot more savings).

Unsure What I should be aiming to do. Not looking to sell anything YET to be clear, NOT a for sale advert, just after advice and saying hi again after my extended break :)
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Hello and welcome back.

Nice to hear from you.
Sadly I cannot help on the price front.


Welcome back!

I would think that selling your spares separately for a start. I dont they will do much for the value of the car and may be a hindrance.

People will always be looking for what sounds like a track focused, turbo car. I expect you have a figure in mind you would like to get for it so ask a bit more than that. As I always say, you can put the price down but you cant put it up if you get people fighting over it on the first day!
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Jesus thought this car had blown up or something been so long since we've heard from you.

Bloody quick car and the race logic was a fab bit of kit. Did the fastest time at our mini track day at North Weald.

Price wise who knows for a custom setup with a few issues. Tbh apart from tte or sp turbo cars you see so few for sale.
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 :) not help what so ever but with  a 12 mot going to be worth more if you could just get then ask hi price as you come down then when the offers come in.
 see no help what so ever sorry. :))  :))


Thanks for the welcome back everyone,
I remember that track/airfield day fondly, I really enjoyed it! I would have enjoyed it more if my ABS unit hadn't been trying to kill me off, but it was still fun and a lot of run-off so wasn't too much of a danger/risk.

Some useful advice, you are all right, I think I am being too worried about mispricing it, but as you say, it should find its own price. And selling off the spares probably the right direction to go, a lot of people may not have the space, or transportation for complete engines etc.

I'm a little worried I'll start to enjoy the car again and not want to sell it, but I have my eyes set on something nice and shiny, I already have a works car, so I can't really have three for space or finance reasons.
2001 1ZZ turbo. 293hp home build all the way