Your comments please (generic O2s)

Started by spit, December 9, 2007, 15:47

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Zero manifolds are great, but I gave up waiting to sav enough and got a Toyosport - I only paid £90 for mine incl delivery direct from Toyosport this time last year... plus another £40 (I think!) on accessories like proper gaskets, studs and nuts... plus some heatwrap. 

Hi, with your Toyosport manifold the join between the manifold and CAT pipe does it have a flat gasket instead of the two crush gaskets ? If it does did you have any sealing issues ?

I'll be honest - I can't jack my car up anywhere near my house, so I got Pat Chambers to fit mine - I supplied him with two crush gaskets and he didn't mention any problems. Ask me in Jan when I get it MOT'd :)

I thought I took a lot of photo's of it, but can't see any straight on at that face - I thought it had a slight tapering into the two pipes, but I don't recall a specific groove on that face and from memory I can't recall if the crush gaskets would have been almost the width of the pipe or much wider (i.e. needing a groove.
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